KitchenSync Food Prep Station

2016-KitchenSync-Logo-BlackFood preparation and food safety go hand-in-hand.  Nothing is more important to your business than preparing, storing and serving food that meets your high standards.

With that in mind, we’re excited to show you CrunchTime’s new KitchenSync food prep workstation.  KitchenSync is a hybrid product that combines a kitchen-tough, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth -enabled AccuDate XL food safety terminal with integrated label printers by Transact Technologies, with cutting-edge Android 5.0 food prep application software by CrunchTime.

KitchenSync was designed to work in seamless connection with CrunchTime’s back office system to:

KitchenSync Safe Food Prep Station

Food safety has never been easier to achieve. The CrunchTime! KitchenSync food prep station arrives pre-loaded into the WiFi-ready Transact AccuDate XL food safety terminal. Set-up is as easy as powering on, connecting to WiFi and logging into your CrunchTime! Net-Chef account.

  1. Eliminate food expiration date errors 

  2. Make food prep fast 

  3. Integrate with operations

CrunchTime’s KitchenSync makes the AccuDate XL a fully integrated prep planning and recipe display station that connects kitchen prep functions with CrunchTime’s enterprise back-office  system.  KitchenSync delivers powerful features that incorporates sales forecasts, intra-day POS transactions, and historical consumption patterns to provide the  restaurant team with the ability to review the day’s prep plan, perform prep as required by the flow of the business and print prep labels using the AccuDate XL.

KitchenSync seamlessly connects the prep staff’s activities directly to the CrunchTime back office system, immediately updating inventory levels that can trigger prep and purchasing alerts.  KitchenSync displays recipe information, production instructions, plating instructions, recipe pictures, video, cost information, and nutritional and allergen information.

There is no extra set-up or configuration to your system – it’s remarkably simple to get started.


KitchenSync is now available to all existing CrunchTime customers using Net-Chef v. software release.  Contact your Account Manager for details.