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Deep-fried thoughts with Chris...

Mar 15, 2017 inventory management, data analytics and reporting

I was thinking about this the other day...

A long time ago I owned a couple of restaurants, and I had one great manager and three OK ones.

If back then I’d had CrunchTime, I could have made a ton of money by teaching the OK ones to use:

  • Suggested order (system-generated suggested ordering based on par levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels ensure you have the right products to meet customer expectations.)
  • Suggested prep (custom production plans for the week, day, shift, hour, or food prep station based on historical consumption patterns and projected sales. Refine your plans in response to actual sales, consumption, and traffic by adjusting plans daily and intraday; get production precision down to 15-minute intervals.)
  • Inventory review (real-time tracking of all inventory items from ordering to depletion at the restaurants. Journal audits provide detailed tracking of every product from procurement to consumption, including advanced tracking of waste.)

All of which crunch numbers far better, and are far more accurate, than any just-OK manager.

I could also have used staffing level templates to show them how many people they should have on for a given amount of sales, and taught them how to review their actual hours vs. Ideal hours, so they’d know how much labor they should have used, vs. what they actually used.

The point is, one of the great benefits of CrunchTime is that it acts almost like a mentor (“here’s how much I’d order… here’s how much I’d prep… here’s how many I’d schedule… here’s where I’d look for waste…”) to help your less experienced managers execute at a level that only a few seasoned GMs can hope to reach.








Chris Bauer | Director of Learning and Development
Chris oversee's the CrunchTime! MainCourse online learning product.


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