Customer Case Study: Juice Press


Fast-Growing Juice Bar Utilizes Back Office Platform to Drive Expansion

CrunchTime enables JuicePress to collect and analyze vital business data and costs across over 50 locationsjuicepress-store

As a startup in the highly competitive New York City market, JuicePress ( faced the challenge of wanting to grow, while protecting itself from the growing pains that befall many companies. Operating around ten stores at the time, it was evident that the company, with its focus on juicing, clean eating, and healthy smoothies, needed a system in place that could help to collect and analyze critical data and costs of business in order to reach its expansion goals without causing time burdens in the stores.

CTO, Adam Smith recognized the need for a system that could perform that vital analysis while also providing the tools to train and empower store managers to have a clearer view on what was happening in their store day-to-day. “One of the main goals was to make things much more efficient in the kitchen with production and purchasing,” Smith says. “We used to produce all of our product out of the back of three stores in downtown NYC. They did everything separately, and everything was on paper. We knew if we wanted to be at 30 stores within the next two years we would be moving to a consolidated, very large production facility/warehouse (which happened in the summer of 2014), and we would need a robust system that has experience handling those types of larger food and beverage businesses.”

In January 2014, JuicePress implemented CrunchTime to help management stay on top of cost of goods, vendor purchases, and production schedules. At the time, JuicePress had 13 stores. “We knew that we needed systems in place to make operations efficient and keep spending under control,” Smith admits. (JuicePress now has over 70 locations. -ed.)

Keeping Up with Inventory, Purchasing, Production

The main features of the CrunchTime system that JuicePress deployed included: inventory management, purchasing, production planning and business intelligence. Smith, along with five other people from JuicePress and the CrunchTime teams, configured the system to include pricing, inventory items, accounting information, etc.

juicepress_logo“It was all [web-based] software, so the installation part wasn’t difficult,” Smith admits. “We had to enter every single product that we order and use, every single recipe we produce, every account and vendor. When completed we had a central repository for everything important at JuicePress.”

Real-time analytics reduces waste, increases profits

With CrunchTime, the JuicePress staff is able to make real-time decisions to increase margins, cut down waste, or even make stocking changes. The Suggested Ordering feature is an important part of day-to-day store operations. “We rely on the system to suggest orders on a nightly basis based on a calculation that takes place in the system automatically,” Smith notes. “Ordering takes a few short minutes and is completed at the store level with no outside help.

Scaling Successfully Today

With the system in place, and the full company insight it afforded, JuicePress’ expansion plans have gone well, with the opening of a 54th location in December of 2016. JuicePress also added CrunchTime’s BizIQ reporting tool to sit on top of its database. The roll-out helped management realize one of its ultimate goals — having realtime visibility to all inventory movement

at the store level. “This was something our investors really wanted to see and CrunchTime helped make that a reality,” Smith explains. “Now, we incorporate this information into the bonus structure for our store managers which increased system buy-in and transparency at the store level. It also helps us greatly in managing shrinkage.” “We call it the Holy Grail report because it was so important.”

Using the back office platform for almost a year and a half now, CrunchTime is at the heart of JuicePress’ business, from deciding manager bonuses, to valuing enterprise inventory for the P&L report, to managing production and vendor bids. “CrunchTime has been able to support incredible expansion of our company and continues to innovate,” Smith states. “It helped us transition from a city start-up to a profitable multi-state chain.” 

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