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The Restaurant Resource Center

for Labor & Scheduling

Learn how to solve your most challenging labor and scheduling problems with this curated collection of top-rated resources 


Smarter Scheduling

Explore the resources below to help you position every location for scheduling success. 

6 Scheduling Pitfalls Restaurants Should Avoid in 2024

Avoid these scheduling mistakes.

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3 Ways to Optimize Staffing for Smoother Shifts

Staff all of your locations like a pro.

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Workforce Management Requires Labor Optimization

Learn how to better optimize labor.

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Reduce Your Labor Costs

Explore the resources below to help you control labor costs, without sacrificing staff or service quality. 


4 Ways Restaurants Can Reduce Labor Costs Without Cutting Shifts

Save on labor, without compromising quality.

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How to Increase Profitability by Examining Earned vs. Actual Hours

Measure your shift scheduling performance.

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10 Tips to Help Lower Restaurant Labor Costs 

Learn easy-to-implement and long-term strategies to reduce labor costs.

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Labor Law Compliance

Explore the resources below to help your stores avoid violations and create compliant schedules with confidence.


The Restaurant Operator's Guide to Fair Workweek

Learn how ever-evolving Fair Workweek laws impact operators and how to stay compliant across locations. 

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Employing Minors in Your Restaurant? 4 Ways to Maintain Compliance

Be proactive, prepared, and educated to provide a safe and compliant workplace.

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Labor Law Compliance: 21 Questions to Keep Your Restaurant in Check

Answer these key questions to evaluate your current state of compliance.

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Select the Right Scheduling Software

Explore the resources below to determine which vendor is the right fit for you as you evaluate scheduling technology.


4 Important Features of Restaurant Forecasting Software

Take your sales forecast to the next level with these must-have features.

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10 Signs You've Outgrown Your Restaurant Scheduling Software

Look out for these telltale signs to understand what is holding you back. 

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Build or Buy: 5 Considerations for Evaluating Operations Management Software

Assess your needs, risks, and costs to inform your decision.

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Restaurant Spotlight

How Sweetgreen Reduced Labor Costs and Cut Scheduling Time in Half

Sweetgreen, a popular fast-casual salad chain, completely transformed its scheduling processes, resulting in a 50% reduction in scheduling time, a decrease in labor costs, and improved guest experience.


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