International Solutions


Serving all areas of the hospitality industry around the world, from the hottest restaurant chains to the most luxurious cruise ships and entertainment venues.

No language or currency barriers

  • Expert Implementation and Support Teams – With implementations in 28 countries and 17 time zones, we know what it takes to get (and keep) your International operations running smoothly.
  • Integrated Language Studio – Supports any language, including traditional and Unicode languages. Language is an attribute of the user, but users can toggle to English or other languages as needed.
  • Multi-currency Support – System supports multiple currencies, enabling you to set a reporting currency, a location-specific transaction currency, and a vendor-specific purchasing currency, all from a single platform. You’ll simplify your operations and eliminate costly errors.
  • Date and Number Formats – Configurable by location.
  • Localized Labor Laws – Labor laws and overtime calculations are configurable by country and region, minimizing labor costs and easing compliance with local regulations.
  • Statutory Reporting – Where applicable, system will produce statutory governmental reports, greatly simplifying required reporting.
  • Zero-footprint Web Application – Our hosted application requires no software installation (no DLLs, no Active-X, no Java applets). This dramatically reduces the load on your IT team, while giving you real-time performance data for all of your stores- via any internet browser.
  • Customer Service Portal – Access our help desk portal to submit and review cases, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.



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