Food Production Planning

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Customized food prep and production plans


  • Improve Food Production Accuracy – Build custom production plans for the week, day, shift, hour, or food prep station based on historical consumption patterns and projected sales. Refine your plans in response to actual sales, consumption, and traffic by adjusting plans daily and intra-day; get production precision down to 15-minute intervals.
  • Demand Based Production – Get “just enough” production with CrunchTime’s powerful correlations between historical consumption patterns and future sales forecasts. Reduce waste, and minimize shortages and crisis situations.
  • Suggested Ordering – Utilize system-generated suggested ordering based on par levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts and on-hand inventory levels to ensure you have the right products to meet customer expectations.
  • CrunchTime! KitchenSync™ – For the ultimate integrated food prep planning and food safety system.



Food safety has never been easier to achieve. The CrunchTime! KitchenSync food prep station arrives pre-loaded into the WiFi-ready Transact AccuDate XL food safety terminal. Set-up is as easy as powering on, connecting to WiFi and logging into your CrunchTime! Net-Chef account.

Tracking zeros-in on cost recovery opportunities


  • Adjustment Tracking – To uncover the highest variances in theoretical food cost, begin tracking all over-production, inventory adjustments and track waste of both raw ingredients and finished goods. As accountability goes up, food costs go own!

Better control of production protects your brand


  • Centralized Production RulesEnsure consistent food quality by specifying recipe scaling and substitution rules at corporate. Increase kitchen efficiency and brand consistency by supplying detailed production steps, plating instructions, images and prep videos through CrunchTime’s dynamic recipe book.

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