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Food Cost Management

CONTROLLING FOOD COST Actual vs. Theoretical Food Costing – Get ready to save money on food purchases. With this powerful tool for enterprise restaurant leaders and managers, you can compare what you actually paid to what food costs should have…

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Inventory Control & Management

INVENTORY CONTROL Real-time tracking of all inventory items for optimized levels Measuring inventory turns are a critical aspect of lowering food costs.  Remember, the more money your restaurants have tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle…

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Labor Management

TEAM SCHEDULING & MANAGER LOG Managing and scheduling your team has never been easier. Managers can approve requests, create staff schedules, and communicate messages about shift openings or important updates right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Team members can just…

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Dashboards and Alerts

RESTAURANT DASHBOARDS & ALERTS Show operators how they’re doing and what to do next! Custom Dashboard – This master control panel tells your people exactly what they need to do to succeed. It includes a performance scorecard, a dynamic Task List,…

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The most robust restaurant management solution in the industry delivered to all your locations. Our software systems have been successfully implemented by our client services team for the largest and most admired operators in the world -- on-time and on-budget.
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Enterprise Restaurant Management Software

Our core competencies include a comprehensive suite of products with the following features:

  • Managing Perpetual Inventory
  • Ordering and Receiving of Goods
  • Waste Tracking and Loss Prevention
  • Production Planning and Daily Prep
  • Transfer of Product between Stores
  • Cash and Sales Reconciliation
  • Workforce Organization and Labor Scheduling
  • Full Supply Chain Control
  • Warehouse/Commissary Management and Distribution
  • Enterprise Reporting with Definable Hierarchies and Drill-down
  • Dashboards, Task Lists, and Alerts
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language support
  • Integration to Accounting, Payroll, Vendors, and POS
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Comprehensive, Configurable, Concise. Unlike our competitors, we do not modularize our core back-office solution. Our customers have access to all functionality and can configure their system by simply turning features on and off as desired.
Our Customers
Customer Testimonials
Mike Lynch

We reviewed almost a dozen systems, and CrunchTime was the unanimous choice. CrunchTime has met and exceeded my expectations [...] we estimate, it will ultimately be a 5 to 7 million dollar benefit to our bottom line.

Mike Lynch Chief Financial Officer - Au Bon Pain
Gary Suter

CrunchTime greatly simplifies the mechanics of Inventory Control for our theatre managers and quickly highlights areas of opportunity. Theatre managers can now quickly focus in on key areas that have the greatest impact on effectively managing the supply chain, reducing waste and improving overall efficiency of the Food and Beverage operations.

Gary Suter SVP of Purchasing and Procurement - AMC Theatres
Adam Smith

CrunchTime has been able to support incredible expansion of our company and continues to innovate.

Adam Smith CTO - Juice Press
Scott Scherer

The game-changer was their reputation for smooth implementations and outstanding training and client support, which makes CrunchTime a great match for our franchise model.

Scott Scherer Chief Information Officer - Jersey Mike's Subs

Take the Stress Out of Tracking Your Restaurant’s Inventory

Taking inventory is usually a restauranteur’s least favorite part of their job: it’s mundane, time consuming, and often a little stressful. But there are several ways to effectively take the stress out of tracking your restaurant’s inventory and make the task go by a little smoother and faster.

First, there are best practices that restaurant managers know they have to follow. The most important and obvious one is never to estimate what food items and ingredients you think you have on-hand. It can be really tempting to skip the actual counting and eyeball how many onions or steaks you have, but over or under estimating the numbers can cause problems later when you have to throw away food that has gone bad or worse, you run out of an item and risk disappointing your customers. The main goal is to ensure you’re not wasting any food and the only way to know for certain is to actually count it.

Business owner using software for managing her RestaurantAnother inventory best practices tip is to keep your food storage areas clean and neatly organized. It can cause confusion, for example, to think all bags of potatoes have been spoken for only to find some stray bags in another area. Don’t be lazy and toss certain items together; keep them all grouped in their own areas. Produce should be stored together in the fridge just as non-perishable goods should be kept together on a shelf. Not only does this make preparing dishes much less stressful for your staff, but it will also make counting them a lot less painful.

If possible, do your checks at regular intervals, preferably on the same day and time at least weekly. Always count it when the restaurant is closed to avoid confusion when items must be taken away to prepare an order.

While many restaurants prefer to take inventory the old school way, with a pad and pen, setting up a spreadsheet, as a minimum, is worth the extra work to help track quantities week by week. By comparing numbers side by side you will be able to better see which ingredients are in higher demand and which are typically at risk of running out before you order more.

Better still, technology is addressing restaurant managers’ needs with a growing variety of apps designed for the restaurant industry. Restaurant management apps like CrunchTime’s assist with inventory counting and valuation and track cost of goods sold. They can help save you and your staff hours of manual counting and number crunching and can help alert employees about future inventory taking. Our technology gives you easy access to inventory reports that can be shared with restaurant staff with the click of a button.

Our restaurant management software makes inventory counting and other back-of-the-house duties significantly less stressful. Cloud-based platforms perform make automatic inventory a reality as well as recipe costing, management of kitchen operations, and other projects.

Tracking inventory accurately and consistently can help prevent food waste and maximize profits for your business so, above all, don’t delay or skip this important process. Contact us to learn more about our restaurant management solution today.


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