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Franchisors and franchisees use the Crunchtime operations management platform to:

  • Manage inventory to control costs and maximize profits

  • Automate scheduling to optimize shifts and empower employees

  • Equip store teams to do great work consistently to drive great customer experiences

  • Train and develop teams to drive success and reduce churn

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The world's top restaurant brands run their operations on Crunchtime.

The Platform

The Crunchtime operations management platform includes a portfolio of best-in-class products to deliver great customer experiences, manage profitability, and successfully grow your multi-unit operation.


Inventory Management & Forecasting

Control and optimize your food costs. Efficiently count your stock levels and gain visibility into product use to help reduce food cost variance. Prepare the right amount of food each day based on sales forecasts. Automate vendor ordering with system-generated suggested orders based on par levels, historical consumption, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory.

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Labor Management & Scheduling

Optimize staffing levels to maximize store sales while controlling labor costs. Ensure all shifts are properly staffed by creating, managing, and distributing automatically-optimized schedules based on sales forecasts and skill levels for each required position. Make it easier for managers and store teams to view and modify schedules from anywhere.

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Operations Execution & Task Management

Schedule and assign all tasks that need to get done in stores, whether it's a one-time product rollout, a monthly quality audit, or a daily opening checklist. Gain real-time visibility into task completion rates, store performance, and prevent issues from slipping through the cracks with automated alerts and follow-up tasks.

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Training & Talent Development

Accelerate training of new hires and develop your team members to improve retention. Easily engage learners, validate knowledge, and track compliance. Provide mobile access to training resources any time while ensuring hourly employees only train on-site. Instantly deploy compliance, skill, and leadership programs using 100+ ready-to-launch restaurant courses.

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Operational Intelligence

Use a range of customizable real-time dashboards and reports to gain a comprehensive view of what’s happening at the store level or across the entire operation. Access reports and analytics from any device, complete with data integrated from your other POS, accounting, or HR systems.

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Customer Stories

Five Guys Crunchtime Success Story

Five Guys: A Crunchtime Success Story

Operation Size

1,400+ locations

Solutions Used

Food Operations, Labor Operations, Business Intelligence

Business Type

Fast Casual

How We Help

Five Guys franchisees increase inventory management efficiency and lower food costs with increased data granularity, flexibility, and autonomy,

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Jersey Mike's Subs Crunchtime Case Study

Jersey Mike's Subs: A Crunchtime Success Story

Operation Size

1,700+ locations

Solutions Used

Food Operations, Labor Operations, Business Intelligence

Business Type

Fast Casual

How We Help

Jersey Mike's Subs leverages its Crunchtime business intelligence platform to gain fresh insights into its operations. Learn how they debunk myths held among restaurant operators.

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The Restaurant Operator's Guide to Ops Excellence

Learn the strategies and best practices that leading brands use to grow and succeed in today’s complex environment, including:

  • Controlling food and labor costs
  • Improving quality and execution
  • Training and developing their teams

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