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Operational Intelligence

Use your operations data to improve team performance and make strategic decisions—from food and labor costs to food safety compliance to training completions, and more.

Some stores are more profitable or compliant than others–why?

Operational intelligence means using operations data from your restaurant to drive strategy. With data about food costs, labor trends, operations execution, or training programs, brands use Crunchtime to learn from top performing stores, improve stores that need help, and drive strategic decisions.

Know what's happening across the operation in real time

Are sales low for the day? Did store #216 fix the makeline temperature problem? Give teams and leaders access to real-time data to run their operation more effectively.

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Identify top performing stores and opportunities for improvement

What does store #574 do differently that keeps their costs so low? Who are your rising-star employees to develop into your next great GMs or above-store leaders? Use your operational data to learn from your best stores and support the stores that need the most help.

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Address operation-wide issues early

Identify the most common problems impacting stores, such as poor food safety audit scores or a high number of temperature exceptions, and address the issues before they become larger problems.

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Learn how top brands like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, and sweetgreen use Crunchtime to achieve ops excellence.

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Business intelligence technology is the top planned investment for operations leaders in the next year in the next year and a half*

*2023 Restaurant Operations Report

“We do things like provide guests with a special offer to get them in after 3pm. Now we have the ability to really quickly analyze that promotional data through BizIQ and take action.”


Rich Hope CMO  Jersey Mike's
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Integrations move data between your critical operations systems

Synchronize data across your core operations systems, including POS, accounting, HR/payroll, vendors, business intelligence, and more.


Operational Intelligence FAQs

What is Crunchtime BizIQ?

Crunchtime BizIQ is an analytics and data visualization tool that allows our customers to review 20,000+ datasets from across their operation. It helps brands analyze system-wide performance on key metrics and identify trends in their top and lower-performing stores.

Does Crunchtime provide above-store reporting?

Crunchtime provides detailed and customizable above-store reporting for all of our products, which is especially critical for national and global brands.

What types of operations and activity data does Crunchtime have access to?

Through Zenput, which is now part of Crunchtime, brands can access reporting and analytics on data such as task completion rates, geographic location, photos, top triggers, sensor temperatures, and much more.