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Labor Law Compliance

Achieve compliance across every store location


Protect your operation with robust compliance tools

Crunchtime helps you manage the complex landscape of labor laws so you can reduce your risk of non-compliance and empower all of your restaurants to create compliant schedules. Fully integrated compliance gives you peace of mind that every store, in every jurisdiction, is positioned for successful adherence to all local, state, and federal laws. 

Achieve compliance at scale with automated labor rules 

Crunchtime's automated labor rules handle everything from minor restrictions to Fair Workweek so you can schedule compliantly, without slowing down your workflow. By spending less time decrypting labor laws, you’ll have more time to focus on running a smooth, profitable operation.

Our automated labor rules handle:
    •  Wage regulations
    •  Overtime
    •  Meal breaks (paid/unpaid)
    •  Fair Workweek/predictive scheduling
    •  Minor laws
       And more! 


Easily comply with Fair Workweek regulations

Don’t let complicated regulations like Fair Workweek bog you down. Crunchtime’s scheduling guardrails enforce all legal requirements so you can build compliant schedules without the hassle. Automated compliance ensures that your schedules will meet every requirement, whether it’s minimum rest periods, good faith estimates, schedule change premiums, and more.

Our automated labor rules handle:
    •  Good faith estimates
    •  Schedule change premiums
    •  Advanced schedule notice
    •  Required rest/"clopening"
    •. Employee schedule requests
       And more! 


Run smooth, compliant shifts with real-time alerts

Real-time notifications on the store floor make it easy for managers to run compliant shifts. The Teamworx mobile app alerts managers on the store floor when it’s time for a minor to be dismissed, or a meal break is coming up. By minimizing the risk of non-compliance, you can keep shifts running smoothly and costs in check. 


Learn how top brands like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, and sweetgreen use Crunchtime to achieve ops excellence.


what our customers say

"Instead of managers spending extra time writing schedules and forgetting about a half an hour break that Fair Workweek introduced, Crunchtime makes it all very clearly written out for them."

Jenn Huntress
Sr. Operations Services Associate

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Labor Law Compliance FAQs

Can franchisees set up their own labor laws in Crunchtime?

Yes. Franchisees retain control of the labor law configurations for each of their store locations.

Can labor rules be configured at the store-level?

Yes. Labor rules are configured at the store level. The rules are applied to store locations based on the associated country, city, and state.

How do you configure labor rules for minors?

Labor rules for minors’ hours are configurable for school days/non-school days, as well as days per week, hours per week, and hours per day a minor can work. 

Is there a record of changes made to labor rules?

Yes. The Labor Rule Audit provides field-level record of edits made to the labor rule configuration. This record provides teams with visibility and accountability.