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Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting for multi-unit restaurants

Take the guesswork out of forecasting

Stores spend an average of ~4 hours forecasting sales each week, according to the 2023 Restaurant Operations Report

Accurate sales forecasting is the key to running a profitable restaurant. Our proprietary forecasting algorithms leverage historical data, guest counts, and many other factors to produce the most accurate model of your future sales. Users can adjust the inputs and metrics based on their restaurant’s specific needs, resulting in a highly customized and precise forecast. 

Reduce waste with suggested purchase orders  

Using your sales forecasts and inventory levels, Crunchtime automatically calculates a suggested purchase order that you can approve or modify in minutes. By ordering the exact quantities needed to meet demand, your restaurants will reduce on-hand inventory and boost their cash flow for greater profitability. 

restaurant sales forecasting suggested purchase order

Properly staff every shift based on demand

41% of operations leaders want to improve sales forecast data to optimize staff scheduling.* Crunchtime integrates with your labor scheduling tool to break down expected sales and guest counts by day-part, by hour, and even fractions of an hour. This makes it easy for your restaurant managers to coordinate team schedules more precisely and meet expected demand throughout the day. *2023 Restaurant Operations Report

crunchtime sales forecasting and labor scheduling

Prep the perfect amounts

Crunchtime maps out preparation and production schedules for the week, day, shift, hour, or prep station to reduce the potential for food shortages or waste. Rest assured that costs are controlled and a memorable guest experience will be delivered every day.

restaurant sales forecasting preparation schedule

Learn how top brands like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, and sweetgreen use Crunchtime to achieve ops excellence.


“By leveraging Crunchtime’s sales forecasting capability, we could customize predictive ordering for each restaurant, allowing managers to order their inventory more accurately.”

Steve Orleow
Head of Technology & Insights 
Guzman Y Gomez

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Sales Forecasting FAQs

How does Crunchtime create sales forecasts?

To generate an accurate sales forecast, Crunchtime applies a comprehensive methodology that has been thoroughly tested and verified by the restaurant industry. Users can customize their sales forecast with a choice of inputs that include recent and previous year’s sales for the same day/period, guest counts, checks, transaction counts, dine-in or take-out, and view other relevant data points for making informed decisions, such as upcoming holidays or events.

Are sales forecasts broken down by time of the day?

Yes! You can enter sales forecasts at whatever level of granularity you need. Our system will automatically break the forecast down by day, day-part or by 15-minute intervals. This gives your team clear insight into demand so they can stay proactive with the right amounts of food prepared and properly staffed shifts throughout the day.

How does the sales forecast inform suggested prep amounts?

Our suggested prep is driven by hypergranular predictive data at 15-minute intervals. Crunchtime connects with your POS and refreshes the data every 15 minutes to provide you with accurate prep amounts and important planning information like when to make more fries or start prepping more salads.

When scheduling labor, can I create a sales forecast on guest count or checks?

Yes! Crunchtime provides highly flexible restaurant sales forecasting. Typically, forecasts are generated using historical sales or guest count data as a starting point, and then adjusted as necessary for current variables. You can also easily generate your sales forecast based on checks, which is a popular option for many quick-serve restaurants. 

Can I create a forecast based on dine-in or take out?

Yes! You can easily generate a forecast based on dine-in or take out. We refer to this as forecasting by “Revenue Center” and it provides managers with key insights for demand planning.