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Crunchtime Integrations

Stop switching apps to get work done. Easily connect Crunchtime to your POS, accounting, HR, payroll, food & beverage suppliers, and other systems to help you work more efficiently. 

Connect all of your critical operating systems to Crunchtime

Integration is essential to the growth of your restaurant operation. As an integration-friendly platform, we meet our customers where they are with their tech stack and we are fully equipped to connect all of your systems. Smart integrations can move, sync and unify your data to help you save time, automate workflows and generate critical insights about your restaurant operation.


Flexible integration options to fit your needs

Crunchtime can integrate with any system, legacy or new. With a range of flexible integration options, you can continue using all of your preferred vendors and move information seamlessly across your systems without disruption.  


We utilize a proven integration process

Without the proper knowledge and project management, an integration project can easily become derailed. We use a proven process to integrate your systems quickly and correctly, which positions you for the strongest return on investment. 


A dedicated team with specialized expertise

Our Integrations Services Team is focused solely on building and maintaining integrations for our customers. This specialized team brings decades of experience integrating thousands of diverse tech ecosystems globally.

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Point-of-Sale (POS)

Crunchtime integrates with your POS to provide you with timely sales data down to the 15-minute interval. Your POS integration can be set up to import, export and sync a variety of data on sales, guest checks, time punches, schedules and more. 

Integrating Crunchtime with your POS can enable:

  • Automatic depletion of inventory 
  • Calculation of your cost of goods sold 
  • Daily sales reporting 
  • Labor reporting/payroll review
  • and more!


Accounting System

Crunchtime integrates with your existing accounting system to help you improve your accounting accuracy and uncover hidden inventory costs. Seamlessly move data on accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, sales, inventory, transfers, as well as financial data related to purchases, inventory, sales, consumption, and more.


HR & Payroll Systems

Crunchtime integrates with your existing HR and payroll systems to keep your employee records synchronized and updated. Avoid dual entry or switching apps with an integration that automatically updates employee data as needed. Integrating Crunchtime Labor & Scheduling with your payroll system makes it a breeze to process payroll at the end of the week.  


Food & Beverage Suppliers

Place purchase orders, confirm quantities and get invoices from your preferred vendors — all without ever leaving Crunchtime. By integrating directly with your food and beverage suppliers, you can manage your supplier relationships all in one place. Import and export data critical inventory data including information on product updates, pricing, receipts, bid sheets, and more.

Integrating Crunchtime with your suppliers enables you to: 

  • Submit orders directly to your vendors
  • Receive confirmation from the vendor
  • Receive invoices, credits, vendor delivery schedules 
  • and more! 


Are you a technology vendor interested in integration partnerships?

Please fill out this form to join our communications list. Our team periodically reviews this list and will reach out to you directly about potential partnership opportunities.