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Labor & Scheduling

Optimize schedules and control labor costs



Becoming an expert in restaurant labor & scheduling just got easier.

Explore a collection of curated content to help you improve your restaurant’s labor management.


Staff every location optimally and achieve your labor cost goals

Schedule the right number of employees, every hour, of every shift. By accurately forecasting your labor needs, Crunchtime takes the guesstimating out of scheduling so you can solve the challenge of optimization and avoid over-or-under-staffing shifts. Smart optimization models help your managers understand how to best schedule teams and respond swiftly to fluctuations in demand.

Automatically create optimized schedules

Nearly 40% of shifts, on average, are insufficiently staffed in a given week.* With just one click, managers can automatically create a schedule for a single day or an entire week. Crunchtime automates the entire scheduling process to assign the right person, with the right skill level, saving your managers a significant amount of time and reducing errors. *2023 Restaurant Operations Report


Ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations

Restaurants today must adhere to many unique labor regulations across different jurisdictions. Crunchtime allows you to customize scheduling rules based on these specific requirements. Whether it's predictive scheduling, minor laws, overtime, meal breaks, or other labor laws, you can easily create a compliant schedule while maintaining operational efficiency.


Take action faster with insightful labor reports

Make smarter decisions on the go with real-time data and analytics. Our detailed reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into labor costs, productivity, and trends. With real-time data about your restaurant’s labor metrics, you can easily make mid-shift decisions to reduce labor costs or identify areas for improvement. 


Easily track your employees’ work time

With an integrated time clock, employees can easily punch in and out of shifts. Monitor time punches and gain visibility around your labor costs, with Crunchtime serving as the true system of record for your operation’s timekeeping.


Learn how top brands like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, and sweetgreen use Crunchtime to achieve ops excellence.


“With Teamworx we can schedule each hour based on sales and make sure that we have enough people on a shift to take care of that volume while remaining within our compliance guidelines.”

George Anthony
Crunchtime Administrator 
Five Guys

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Labor & Scheduling FAQs

Does Crunchtime support all U.S. labor laws, including Fair Work Week? Yes! Crunchtime supports compliance of all U.S. labor laws including Fair Work Week. Users with admin access can set up labor laws for every state and city, to ensure every restaurant is compliant, no matter where it is located.
How does Crunchtime handle restrictions with employing minors? Crunchtime’s labor rules are highly flexible and can handle a variety of minor scheduling restrictions for every jurisdiction in the US. This helps to ensure that underaged workers are never scheduled beyond the configured threshold for their available hours.
How does Crunchtime automatically create schedules?

The platform uses your sales forecasts and staffing level templates to accurately project how many staff you will need for each role during any given time in the day. Auto-scheduling also takes other factors into account including skill levels and applicable labor laws.