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Equip Teams to Deliver on Operational Priorities

Multi-unit restaurant and retail operators use Zenput, Crunchtime's operations execution platform, to orchestrate operational tasks and audits in every location. By automating how operating procedures, food safety and public health protocols, and other initiatives are rolled out and enforced, Zenput helps brands deliver great customer experiences on every visit.

Communicate Quickly & Effectively
and boost operational agility by getting the message out fast to all locations to ensure alignment


Focus on What Matters, Sooner
 with real-time insights that help ops leaders address issues and unlock opportunities earlier



Ensure Quality Execution & Compliance
by equipping your team with the tools to make it happen and providing clear visibility to management


Manage Tasks, Audits & Incidents
with mobile technology that puts these capabilities in the hands of responsible teams at the location level


Core Capabilities


Keep every store on track

Schedule all the tasks that need to get done, whether it’s a one-time product rollout, a monthly quality audit, or a daily opening checklist. Provide your stores the prescriptive guidance they need to operate smoothly, stay ahead of quality issues, and deliver great experiences for customers.  

Zenput Platform Task Manage


Hold teams accountable for great work

Get real-time visibility into task completion rates and cross-store performance. Prevent issues from slipping through the cracks with automated follow-up tasks and resolution monitoring. Effectively audit your stores to create accountability and maintain high standards.  

Audits and Corrective Actions
Zenput Platform Audit Corrections Software


Act quickly when incidents occur

Gather real-time information about incidents from employees out in the field, automate notifications to alert management, and track resolution. Stay ahead of potential issues by empowering your team to capture photos and send reports through their mobile device.

Zenput Platform Incident Management Software

Data-Driven lEADERSHIP

Make informed decisions with real-time reporting

Evolve your strategy and make informed decisions by analyzing employee, store, or team performance to identify strong performers and uncover potential areas for improvement. Explore trends to surface issues that require intervention. 

Operational Intelligence
Zenput Platform Operational Intelligence Software


Zenput has helped us, across the enterprise, run better operations. (Zenput) allows us to increase our visibility into what's happening in our restaurants and then bubble that up to our above-restaurant leadership team so they can make decisions about the business in real time.


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Operations Execution, Elevated

Learn how restaurant, retail, and other multi-unit operators use Zenput in 60,000+ locations across 100+ countries

OpsX Overview Video

The Restaurant Operator's Guide to Ops Excellence

Learn the strategies and best practices that leading brands use to grow and succeed in today’s complex environment, including:

  • Controlling food and labor costs
  • Improving quality and execution
  • Training and developing their teams

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