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Restaurant Course Library 

Launch your training program faster with ready-to-use restaurant training courses


Compliance Courses


Harassment Prevention

Promote a respectful workplace with hospitality-focused harassment prevention programs.

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Employee Compliance

Help your team become experts at following the rules and ensure your business stays compliant.

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Manager Compliance

Ensure the safety and security of your guests with compliance courses designed for restaurants.

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Build a reputation as a culturally intelligent business committed to diversity and bias-free.

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Leadership Development Courses


Multi-U 2.0

Turn multiunit managers into great leaders with an 8-course program based on Jim Sullivan’s book.

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Improve success rates, build bench strength, and turn your AGMs into effective GMs.

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Employee Development

Jumpstart team member development with microlearning to take them to the next level.

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Manager Development

Help your rising stars rise faster with mobile-ready courses designed to help them grow.

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Why use off-the-shelf content?

Crunchtime’s restaurant course library offers the fastest way to implement world-class training content into your operation. Take advantage of our extensive catalog of compliance and development content as is, or combine it with your own content to customize programs to your needs. 

Quickly deploy world-class content

Deliver high-quality training to your employees sooner and get them onto the floor faster by standing up your learning program with out-of-the-box content.

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Leverage restaurant-specific courses

Provide courses that feature scenes and challenges that are relevant to restaurant employees, which creates a better learning experience and keeps employees more engaged in the training.

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Access updates as the industry evolves

Never worry about reflecting changes in compliance laws or industry norms in your learning programs–your team has access to the updated courses whenever we make changes. 

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Customize to meet your needs and reflect your brand

Create a learning program that meets your business’s needs using a combination of ready-to-use Crunchtime content, but also add your own content as needed. 

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Restaurant Course Library FAQs

How do I know what is required for compliance in my state?

We’ll tell you. Training needed to be compliant in your state is listed by state name in the course library. When compliance needs change or laws are updated, customers who have purchased a course automatically receive an updated version of that course when it is available. 

How can I handle compliance training for restaurants located in multiple different states?

Businesses that operate in multiple states are recommended to purchase the training they need in each state they operate in. For users using the Crunchtime Learning & Development platform, you will be able to assign the correct training to employees in the correct state, without any employees seeing training that does not apply to them. 

Are Crunchtime courses included in my purchase of access to the Crunchtime Learning & Development platform?

We’re focused on providing a solution that fits exactly what your business needs, nothing more and nothing less. For this reason, our courses in the library are sold in bundles so that you can use the training content to create the exact learning experience your business needs without unnecessary costs.