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Inventory Management

End-to-end inventory management 


Reduce your food costs by 3-5%

Food costs are 35% of revenue, on average, for multi-unit restaurants, according to the 2023 Restuarant Operations Report

Crunchtime provides the real-time information you need to understand your on-hand inventory and stay ahead of your costs. From suggested ordering to suggested prep, and from waste tracking to menu profitability, our platform helps restaurants take back control of their inventory and boost their bottom line.

Save 30+ hours per month on inventory

Always know what’s in stock and where each item is located with an end-to-end inventory platform. Crunchtime streamlines every inventory process including inventory counts, reviews, ordering, reconciliation, recipe management, sales forecasting, and more, to save your restaurants significant time on inventory management.

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Stay ahead of food prep with accurate sales forecasting

Planning food prep can be difficult, but Crunchtime’s suggested prep makes it simple and straightforward. Our suggested prep amounts are based on highly accurate sales forecasts that help you avoid over or under-prepping throughout the day.

ai-powered sales forecasting inventory software

Automatically order the perfect amount, every time

Know exactly how much to order with system-generated order suggestions. Powered by data on your store’s PAR levels, historical consumption, sales forecast, on-hand inventory, and more — Crunchtime suggests just the right amount, helping you instantly reduce your COGS.

Automated purchasing and receiving makes the ordering process even faster, giving your managers more time to focus on running a seamless shift.

automated purchasing inventory software

Analyze data across all of your stores 

Immediately start tracking and measuring your costs, sales, variances, inventory on-hand, and more. Whether you need a report on a single store, or nationwide, Crunchtime’s dashboard provides the above-store reporting and metrics that your team needs to drive strategic decisions across your operation. 

crunchtime restaurant inventory software data analysis

Learn how top brands like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, and sweetgreen use Crunchtime to achieve ops excellence.

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“Thanks to Crunchtime, the time it now takes to do inventory has been cut in half.”

Bryan Myers
City Barbeque

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Inventory Management FAQs

Can above-store teams access inventory reports across multiple store locations?

Users with approved access can easily generate any above-store report they need, including reports by region, district, or single store. With Crunchtime, your team can easily track any performance metric and analyze data across multiple stores, including net sales, sales forecasts, food costs, variances, and more.

When our kitchen preps an item, will Crunchtime move the raw ingredients to finished goods?

Yes! If you prep an item like vegetable soup, Crunchtime will automatically move all the items that go into the soup from inventory to finished goods on the shelf. This allows for more accurate and timely inventory tracking.

How does Crunchtime reconcile invoices?

Managers can use the reconciler mobile app to easily receive vendor orders at the point of delivery. By scanning shipments as they arrive, items are automatically entered into inventory, and managers can quickly check goods and solve any discrepancies with the invoice or shipment.

How are suggested order amounts calculated?

We start with the current on-hand quantity of an item. That amount is then subtracted from either a static or dynamic par level, which stems from consumption patterns and upcoming sales forecasts. The resulting value is then compared against delivery dates to provide the optimal quantity needed to ensure stock will be replenished before it runs out. 

Can Crunchtime manage inventory for scratch kitchens?

Yes! Tracking waste and food costs for scratch kitchens is typically more nuanced but it can be very effective with the right software. Crunchtime tracks individual ingredients during recipe creation and identifies food waste, to help scratch kitchens reduce their actual versus theoretical food variance.