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Inventory Management Product Updates

Learn about new features we've recently released and how you can leverage this functionality for your business.

December 2023  


New "Auto-Forecasted" Column 

On the 'Manage Sales Forecast' summary screen, we added a new 'Auto-Forecasted' column.  This column is hidden by default, and will show whether the forecast for each week was auto-generated ('Y') or entered manually ('N'). This gives managers additional insight into the source of their forecast and helps them make more informed decisions around Suggested Order, Suggested Prep, and Ideal Hours. 



October 2023 (Version 11) 


Net-Chef Dashboard Redesign

The Net-Chef dashboard has been designed with widgets that make it easy for users to access the most relevant data, functions, and controls to manage their business. The new widgets reduce the amount of text on the screen and utilize color so users can quickly understand information. The new dashboard is designed to make it easier and faster for users to review their daily business metrics.

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Post Up Inventory Periods in Bulk

Admins can now post multiple inventory and/or labor periods at once for multiple locations through a selected date. The ability to post in bulk eliminates the need for users to create a support ticket, as this can be done now with the steps prompted by the system.

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Blind Inventory Counts

Control who is able to see quantities of the on-hand inventory in Net-Chef. In the count sheet screen, the “Quantity on Hand” column is only visible to users with access to the “Review” screen. This configuration ensures that the right people have access to the right information for their role.


June 2023 (Version 10.3) 


Generate the Forecast Based on Historical Sales

Users can select a specific past week of historical sales to drive the forecast. By using the actual sales numbers from a holiday or event from a past year, the system generates a more accurate forecast. 


New Theme in Enterprise Manager

The new theme in Enterprise Manager meets the latest accessibility standards, specifically regarding color scheme contrasts, and it is built using the latest web technology, which provides improved responsiveness.  The rebranded scheme ensures that all Crunchtime applications have a similar look and feel, making them instantly recognizable.


API Enhancement: QuickBooks Integration

We released QuickBooks API integration QB 1.0 which automatically synchronizes Accounts Payable (invoices/vendors) and Sales summary data into QBO with no or minimal manual intervention. This provides a fully automated workflow from Crunchtime to QuickBooks with automatic error reporting and error remediation.


User Defined Attributes in Enterprise Manager

We added integration for Quickbooks to the User Defined Attributes screen, along with new attributes for WorkDay and NetSuite. This allows integration with another key system that customers use and provides customers with more customized values for existing integrations. 


Fields Now Required for Country, Company and Locations 

In Enterprise Manager, we changed some of the existing fields from optional to required entries. These can be found in the Country, Company, and Locations screens. This change streamlines integration with other internal and external systems that require that information to identify the users’ locations. This will help make sure they have access to the appropriate data, features, and functions


Stock Card: Product Selector Enhancement 

In the Stock Card report, we enhanced the Product selector to display both the Product Name and Number after a product has been chosen. This ensures that users know exactly what product they are viewing.


(Cruise Only) Create a Cruise Master Order: Unformatted Export

On a Ship, when creating a Master Order, users that choose to Export (Print) the order details now have the option to export an “Unformatted Report”; this includes all available  data  columns,  visible  or  not,  with  no formatting.  Best Practice is to use this for Excel exports; the ‘Number’ format is applied to numeric values. This gives users the ability to export all of the order data and the related metrics, and it provides functionality that currently exists in EM client.

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(Cruise Only) Create/Submit a Cruise Vendor Order Edit Vendor Order Price

At Corporate, users can now edit the Unit Price in the Create, Submit, and Edit Vendor Order screens when the pricing rule to “Edit Vendor Order Price” is enabled for the vendor. This gives users the ability to make sure that orders are accurate at multiple stages and provides functionality that currently exists in EM Client.

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January 2023 (Version 10.2) 


New Prep Report Rounding Settings

We added new settings to the Production tab to control how the Projected Consumption and Shelf Life Max values are rounded in the Net-Chef Prep Reports. This helps improve prep suggestions, which in turn can help reduce waste and reduce costs. 

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Print Products by Market Data in Enterprise Manager

We added an Export (Printer) icon to the Products by Market tab. This allows you to evaluate purchasing trends for each product in each market by downloading and comparing multiple consumption periods.


October 2022 (Version 10.1) 


Search Field Added Under Company Products 

In Enterprise Manager, we added a Search field to the Company Products summary screen, so you can search for products based on the Product #, Name, or Category. This allows you to evaluate purchasing trends for each product in each market by downloading and comparing multiple consumption periods


Search Field Added for the Location Products 

We added a Search field to the Location Products summary screen, so you can search for products based on the Product #, Name, Category, or Storage. This makes it easier to locate specific products, saving valuable time.


New Preference Added for Vendor Details 

We added a new setting to the Vendor Details that will indicate whether the Consumption Days for an order includes the current date. This ensures that locations can place more accurate orders for products that have a short shelf-life and are consumed on a daily basis. 


Schedule Inventory Counts

In Enterprise Manager, users can schedule inventory counts for various days within a post period. The counts can be scheduled mid-period and copied to other periods for greater efficiency. This feature ensures that all necessary inventory items are counted for accuracy. 

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July 2022 (Version 10) 


Improved UI for Enterprise Manager and Net-Chef

We redesigned the entire user interface for Enterprise Manager and Net-Chef.  We also made it optional to change the theme to display the updated new look. Users can toggle between the new UI and the existing UI at any time. 


Automated Vendor Substitutions 

Previously, substitutions would create an error  that would require  the user to manually create a new substitution in the system. Now with automated substitutes, more e-invoice files will import successfully to save you time.


Generate Sales Forecasts in 15-minute Intervals

In Net-Chef, we added the ability to enter Sales Forecasts in hourly or 15-Minute increments. This allows managers to enter more precise forecast data, which will make Projected Consumption more accurate for ordering and prep. 


Auto-Submit Vendor Orders

Net-Chef can automatically submit saved vendor orders on behalf of the manager. This feature saves managers significant time and improves productivity around placing orders and reconciling invoices.  

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New Features Added to the User Defined Attributes Screen 

In Enterprise Manager, we enhanced the User Defined Attributes screen by adding the following features:

  • A ‘Group’ selector and column
  • New attributes specific to the ‘NETSUITE’ and ‘WORKDAY’ systems
  • A ‘Secret’ Data Type
  • A new Type for ‘Vendor'

This facilitates more robust and flexible integration with these systems and makes it easier for users to
filter the screen for these system-specific attributes.


New Tab for User Defined Attributes on the Vendor Details Screen 

In Enterprise Manager, we added a tab to the Vendor Details screen to display vendor-based User Defined Attributes. This allows users to associate certain attributes with specific vendors.


Set Alternate Count Units  

In Net-Chef, the option for Alternate Count Units allows users to enter inventory counts in a size other than the inventory unit, making it easier to accurately count how much product is in each storage. This is particularly helpful in situations where product is stored in unique pack sizes or in different areas within the store. 

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Three Screens are Now Renamed on the Interfaces Menu 

In Enterprise Manager, we renamed and re-ordered three screens on the Interfaces menu, as follows:

  •  “CDP Error Remediation” is now Inbound Integrations
  •  “Exports” is now Outbound Integrations
  •  “Schedule Exports” is now Event Scheduling

These new names more accurately describe the functions for each of the screens.  


New Features Added for Inbound Integrations 

In Enterprise Manager, we enhanced the Inbound Integrations screen to show inbound API updates as well as traditional flat files. We also increased the retrieval range from 7 to 10 days. This allows Corporate to view and keep track of all data being imported into the CrunchTime database, and for a longer period.


New Features Added for Outbound Integrations 

In Enterprise Manager, we enhanced this Outbound Integrations screen to show outbound API updates as well as traditional flat files and we optimized the screen to reflect this. We also added the ability to Undo exports. This allows Corporate to view and keep track of all data being exported from the CrunchTime database, and ensures the exported data is the latest information.

New Features Added for Event Scheduling

In Enterprise Manager, we enhanced the Event Scheduling screen to schedule outbound API events as well as traditional flat files and we optimized the screen to reflect this. This allows Corporate to schedule all types of data updates to be exported from the Crunchtime database.


New Button for Refresh POS Data 

In Enterprise Manager, on the "Undo and Reprocess Batch Menu Mix" screen, we added a button to "Refresh POS Data." This ensures that the screen is showing the most up-to-date Connex POS data. 

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New Controls Added for User Groups

In Enterprise Manager, we added the option for controls to determine who can see the button to "Refresh POS Data" in the relevant screens. This adds flexibility and allows corporate to only give access to the users who need it.  


Create a Vendor Return

In Net-Chef, the Vendor Return module lets users create and reconcile product returns in one efficient transaction. When a return is created and reconciled, the return quantity for each product in the transaction is removed from the inventory of the storage location indicated. This makes it easier for managers to process returns and keep inventory counts accurate. 

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Purchase by Invoice (006) Import 

In Net-Chef, existing fields were enhanced to import the Location Name and GL Account Number. This file format can now be used to import PBI data from systems that do not use Location codes or Categories.

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Create a Location Transfer 

Location Transfers allow you to move inventory from one store  location to another. This enables different locations to share products and avoid shortages or last-minute trips to the grocery store.

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New Pricing Rule for Vendors 

In Enterprise Manager, we added a new setting to the Pricing Rules tab to enable the system to automatically generate new alternate product bids whenever a Vendor substitutes a product on an incoming invoice.  Enabling this will increase the number of e-invoice files that import successfully for significant time savings.  


Create Recipe Adjustments

In Net-Chef, Recipe Adjustments are used to record Recipe quantities that are depleted, but not recorded as sold through the Menu Mix (e.g. dropped, expired). The adjustment will deplete the components that make up the recipe.

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Catalog Wizard Added to Assist with Purchasing

In Enterprise Manager, we added a new Catalog Wizard option to the Purchasing menu in Enterprise Manager. The wizard itself is a separate application that will assist users in turning a product list, such as a vendor catalog or order guide, into Company Products and Vendor Bids. The wizard can identify potential duplicates, make suggestions for Inventory and Recipe Units, and generate accurate Conversions for the bids. This new tool makes data configuration more fast and efficient. 

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Impact Mobile App: Improved Navigation

Users can now navigate directly from their tasks or the side menu to complete inventory or receiving tasks in Counter or Reconciler, respectively.