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Labor & Scheduling Product Updates

Learn about the new features we've recently released and how you can leverage this functionality for your business.

October 2023 (Version 11)


Tip Pooling

Crunchtime’s new tip pooling solution automatically calculates the tip pool and the amount owed to each employee. Tips are then distributed to employees via paycheck for a seamless tip out process for managers. This feature makes it easy for managers to oversee the tip pooling process.

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Net-Chef Dashboard Redesign

The new Net-Chef dashboard design features redesigned widgets that make it easy for users to access the most relevant data, functions, and controls in Net-Chef.  

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Post Up Labor in Bulk

With the new bulk "post up" feature, admins can now post multiple labor (or inventory) periods at once for multiple locations through a select date. This eliminates the need to create a support ticket, as users can perform this action on their own, with the steps prompted by the system.

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Forecasting Improvements for Labor

Users can now incorporate new data in the forecast by choosing sales, guests, or checks to drive schedule creation  This allows managers to generate a more precise forecast and make more informed scheduling decisions around ideal labor hours.



June 2023 (Version 10.3)


Collaborative Schedule Editing in Teamworx

Collaborative schedule editing allows two managers to edit the same schedule. This makes it easier for managers to collaborate and manage labor, especially at restaurants with large staffs and multiple managers working together. If two managers edit the same schedule for a shift that conflicts with another, the system will alert the user to resolve the issue.


Auto-Save in Teamworx

When unsaved changes are detected on the schedule, the system will prompt the user with an indication that they have unsaved changes during their session. Unsaved changes are preserved & displayed on an individual user basis.


New Theme in Enterprise Manager

The new theme in Enterprise Manager meets the latest accessibility standards, specifically regarding color scheme contrasts, and it is built using the latest web technology, which provides improved responsiveness.  The rebranded scheme ensures that all Crunchtime applications have a similar look and feel, making them instantly recognizable.


Easier Management of Supplemental Wages/Premiums 

In Enterprise Manager, when defining Supplemental Wage entries for Schedule Change Premiums, users can now select both ‘Lump Sum’ and ‘Hours’, and they will see both the Hours and the Value of the premium in the Net-Chef labor screens, labor reports (Employee Time Detail shown on next page) and in the Payroll export. This gives store managers and corporate managers a more complete picture of the cost of incurring those premiums, which may help them avoid doing so in the future.


Define Meal Breaks for Minors

In the State/Province labor rules, users can now define unpaid Meal Breaks for Minors. This gives your company the flexibility to comply with Minor labor rules on a per-state basis.



January 2023 (Version 10.2)


Create Staffing Level Templates with Multiple Revenue Centers 

In Enterprise Manager, we added a setting to the Demand-based Staffing Templates to “Enable Multi-Select For Revenue Center.” This gives users the ability to configure templates that “combine” the demand from multiple Revenue Centers to drive the Ideal and Earned Hours metrics. This setting was also added to the Ideal Staffing Templates screen in Net-Chef.


Good Faith Estimates are Now Customizable By City 

In Enterprise Manage, under the City Labor Rules, we added a new setting to define a Weekly Hours Variance percentage. This gives your company the flexibility to comply with Good Faith Estimate labor rules on a per-city basis.


Variance Alert for Good Faith Estimates 

When defined in Enterprise Manager, the Weekly Hours Variance Alert will show the employees whose Total Scheduled Hours differ from the Estimated Hours listed in the Good Faith Estimate/Regular schedule. This will allow managers to schedule employees for the expected estimated hours and help to avoid Fair Workweek violations. 


Time Off Restrictions are Now Available for Blackout Dates

In Teamworx, the Blackout Dates screen now has a Time Off Restriction Range setting. This allows managers to define how far in advance employees should submit Time Off requests. 



October 2022 (Version 10.1)


New Scheduling Restrictions Added for State Labor Rules

In Enterprise Manager, Under the State Labor Rules, we added a new setting to the Scheduling Restrictions to indicate whether the Maximum Consecutive Days Worked can be applied across work weeks or is limited to a single work week. This adds flexibility and ensures that your company can comply with each state's specific labor rules.



July 2022 (Version 10) 


Improved UI for Enterprise Manager and Net-Chef

We redesigned the entire user interface for Enterprise Manager and Net-Chef.  We also made it optional to change the theme to display the updated new look. This allows you to take the new theme for a “test drive” while still having access to the familiar screens.


New Features Added for Outbound Integrations 

In Enterprise Manager, we enhanced this Outbound Integrations screen to show outbound API updates as well as traditional flat files and we optimized the screen to reflect this. We also added the ability to Undo exports. This allows Corporate to view and keep track of all data being exported from the CrunchTime database, and ensures the exported data is the latest information.


Manage Sales Forecasts in 15-minute Increments 

In Net-Chef, we added the ability to enter Sales Forecasts in Hourly (shown) or 15-Minute increments. This allows managers to enter more precise forecast data, which will make Projected Consumption more accurate for ordering and prep. 


New Features Added for Event Scheduling

In Enterprise Manager, we enhanced the Event Scheduling screen to schedule outbound API events as well as traditional flat files and we optimized the screen to reflect this. This allows Corporate to schedule all types of data updates to be exported from the Crunchtime database.


TalentLink Integration is Now Moved in Teamworx 

In Teamworx, we moved the button for Talentlink from the User Menu, to the Menu Bar. This makes Talentlink more accessible for employees.


Staffing Level Templates Now Have Begin & End Dates

In Enterprise Manager, we added Begin & End Date fields to the Demand (shown) and Task templates. This allows users to define staffing levels for specific time periods, such as holiday weeks or special events that may have more demand and require different staffing levels. 


Staffing Level Templates Now Allow Fractional Guest Counts

In Enterprise Manager, the On-demand based templates now allow users to enter fractional Guest Counts in the range. This allows users to calculate Ideal & Earned Hours at a more granular level, making it easier for managers to create more accurate labor schedules.