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Blob Analytics

The Features

Real-time Information Updates

Single & Consolidated Reports

Automated Task Lists & Alerts

Customizable Dashboard

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Build efficient workflows by connecting with the best POS, HR and Payroll applications for your business, or any app you can imagine, really.

Oracle Micros POS System Workday HR Payroll Microstrategy Ms Great Plains
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How We're Different

Unmatched System Configurability

Seamless Food & Labor Cost Management

Rock-solid Tech Infrastructure

Full-time Collaboration

Real-world Foodservice Expertise

Global Customer Support

Real-time Reporting

Single-store or consolidated performance views for the people who need it.

Impact Mobile Reporting

Real-time reporting updates

A mobile app that gives you up to 50 KPI metrics right in your pocket. Includes alerts, single-store and consolidated views. Available on iOS and Apple Watch devices, and as an Android app.

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Biz-IQ Business Intelligence & Insights

A CrunchTime data warehouse and business intelligence solution powered by MicroStrategy and Oracle technologies

Purpose-built for restaurant chains, featuring 20,000 metrics provided in the Biz-IQ system and a huge default library of commonly used reports and dashboards ready to roll. Our experts will help you build your "holy-grail" reports with this incredible tool.

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