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Blob Platform Device

The Features

Easy and accurate inventory management

Actual vs. Theoretical food cost analysis

Suggested ordering

Smart sales forecasting

Mobile productivity apps

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Build efficient workflows by connecting with the best POS, HR and Payroll applications for your business, or any app you can imagine, really.

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How We're Different

Unmatched System Configurability

Seamless Food & Labor Cost Management

Rock-solid Tech Infrastructure

Full-time Collaboration

Real-world Foodservice Expertise

Global Customer Support

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Inventory Management

Counting inventory can be fast, easy... and fun!

Accurate inventory counts help ensure smooth (and profitable) restaurant F&B operations. Problem is, nobody enjoys counting inventory... until they try the incredible Counter app! Make inventory management fast and easy with this innovative counting tool from CrunchTime.

Restaurant Inventory Counting Mobile App

Food Safety Checklists

Make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to with custom checklists

Checklists are a daily procedure in today's COVID-19 environment. Make certain your teams are at the top of their game - and that everyone that enters your restaurants stays safe and healthy. Check out the new Line Check app for restaurants.

Line Check
Restaurant Food Safety Checklist Software


Easily and efficiently receive vendor orders and solve invoice discrepancies

Receive vendor goods quickly at the point of delivery. Take a pic of damaged goods for fast resolution. Scan received orders for automatic inventory updates and monitor the temperature of environments where goods are shipped and received.

Restaurant Vendor Order and Invoice Management Software

Restaurant operations made for restaurant people

It's time for CrunchTime!

Watch veteran restaurant managers react to what the CrunchTime restaurant operations platform can do.

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Reduce Food Costs & Waste

Tracking Actual vs. Theoretical food cost variance is a click away.

With Actual vs. Theoretical Food Costing your restaurants will save 2-5% on food costs. The most powerful AvT tool in the industry allows you to compare what you actually paid for your food to what those costs should have been - at the micro-level. Reduce your food costs and reduce food waste.

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Software to Reduce Food Costs and Waste