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Preventing Harassment in New York

Watch a 40-second video sample of an activity to determine whether or not a situation is considered retaliation.


Course Abstract

20 minutes

This course meets the additional training requirements of New York State and New York City for both managers and employees. The course covers definitions of sexual harassment, gender, sexual orientation, sex discrimination, and retaliation. It also explains how to report harassment and employer and manager responsibilities. This course must be taken annually in combination with Harassment-free Workplace for employees or Preventing Harassment in the Workplace for managers to fulfill New York State's and New York City's harassment prevention training requirements.

  • Provides expanded definition of sexual harassment, gender, and sexual orientation

  • Defines the two primary forms of sexual harassment

  • Details protections for sex discrimination and stereotyping

  • Identifies activities protected by law from retaliation

  • Uses scenarios to determine whether or not an action is considered retaliation
  • Provides six actions that can be taken if harassed or if witnessing harassment

  • Details process for reporting harassment and filing a claim with governmental agencies at the federal, state, city, and local levels 

  • Explains supervisors' and managers' high standard of responsibility with regards to harassment prevention

  • Outlines what must be included in a sexual harassment policy

Teach harassment and retaliation concepts as defined by New York law



Hourly employees


Interactive discovery
Decision scenarios
Model policy document




Full narration
Onscreen text option
Tin Can compatible
Mobile ready