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Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

Watch a 1-minute video sample of an activity to identify tools and strategies for preventing harassment.


Course Abstract

30 minutes

Preventing harassment will improve your work environment, and reduce potential liability by encouraging a positive and respectful workplace. This course discusses the negative chain reaction that occurs when a workplace becomes hostile and describes the tools and strategies needed to lead a harassment-free workplace. It educates managers on the types of behaviors and actions that are considered harassment in the eyes of the law, along with the important role they play in leading by example to ensure the workplace remains free from harassment.

  • Defines conduct that can create a hostile or abusive work environment, including harassing or bullying behavior

  • Describes conduct of a sexual nature, sexual harassment circumstances, and sex discrimination

  • Addresses the misconceptions that exist about the types of behaviors or situations that must be present to legally constitute harassment

  • Includes a description of bystander responsibilities and actions
  • Identifies legal responsibilities of managers to stop harassment and the consequences of failing to take action

  • Explores what should be included in an anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policy along with best practices for communicating it

  • Includes testimonials from managers about responding to claims of harassment

  • Includes Fact or Fiction game and a scenario-based quiz

Prevent harassment and promote a positive work environment





Interactive discovery
Manager testimonials
Integrated game
Scenario-based quiz




Full narration
Onscreen text option
Tin Can compatible
Mobile ready