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Safe Alcohol Service

Watch a 45-second video sample of an activity testing knowledge of valid driver's licenses.


Course Abstract

30 minutes

Ensure your team members know how to serve alcohol responsibly.  In this course, they’ll learn the consequences for selling alcohol to underage guests or to those who appear intoxicated, procedures for checking identification, and how to refuse service to an intoxicated guest.  After completing this course, employees will be better prepared to serve alcohol safely and will know when it’s appropriate to involve their manager.

  • Understanding the responsibility of the server when serving alcohol

  • Activity to practice identifying if a driver’s license is valid or fake

  • Interactive exploration of intoxication factors and how they impact people differently

  • Definition of BAC and how it can be lowered

  • Using the power of observation to identify the signs of intoxication
  • Scenario-based exercises to practice deciding whether or not to serve guests alcohol

  • Tactics and sample phrasing for cutting off intoxicated guests while providing great service

  • Final exam to confirm comprehension with grade of 80% required to pass

Reduce risk by preparing your team to serve alcohol safely



Hourly Employees


Interactive exploration
Practice exercises
Integrated exam




Full narration
Onscreen text option
Tin Can compatible
Mobile ready