Business Intelligence


  • Restaurant business intelligence by CrunchTime.  Create custom dashboards showing team members exactly how well they’re doing against their key performance goals.
  • Create detailed reports including standard trend reports and the ability to write Ad hoc reports to support and analyze company initiatives, including LTOs, operational rollouts, and cost reduction efforts.
  • Utilize a data warehouse to store information down to the transaction level, enabling the most detailed analyses.
  • Utilize data visualization tools with a rich graphical interface, making it easier to analyze complex “what-if” business scenarios.


Organize and analyze all of your business data.  CrunchTime! BizIQ was purpose-built for restaurants from the ground-up using the MicroStrategy platform as it’s foundation.  BizIQ was honored as the winner of a 2014 American Business Awards Stevie® New Product or Service of the Year – Software – Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution.

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View the brochure: CrunchTime! BizIQ

Core capabilities:

CrunchTime! BizIQ provides your company with the answers to the toughest business questions: How can we drive sales? How can we predict and forecast better? Where are our excess costs? How do we take our operations to the next level?

Four core capabilities enable BizIQ’s unprecedented cloud-based power:

  1. Massive data warehouse using an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for near-instant access to transaction-level data
  2. Data visualization for graphical modeling of “what if” scenarios
  3. Standard & Ad hoc Reporting for detailed analyses
  4. Simple design, including easy-to-configure custom dashboards.


Custom reports and trend analysis

  • Trend analysis – Get detailed reports over time. For example, see sales trends for individual menu items, and their associated gross profits, enabling smarter decisions during menu and recipe engineering
  • Data mining – Every data field can be reported on, or used as a variable.Publishing options  – Save reports to a directory, send via e-mail, or publish via CrunchTime’s back office application – keeping every team member on the same page
  • Custom design tools – Create exactly the report you need in minutes, using an easy drag-and-drop interface. Simply choose the data you’re interested in, then arrange as a chart, graph, or table for fast and intuitive analysis.
  • Easily compare locations for voids and comps as a percentage of sales, during any daypart, to quickly spot trouble
  • Create “market basket” reports revealing items commonly sold together- invaluable when planning promotions
  • Mobile apps for iPhone & Android allow users to see BizIQ dashboards, and Task List & Labor Scheduling screens, keeping your team informed on the go.

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BizIQ Hands-On Training

The BizIQ team is excited to announce its new Hands-On training class!  This class is geared towards the BizIQ Power User on how to use the advanced functionality in BizIQ.  This is offered as a 1 or 2 day training, either in Boston at CrunchTime or On-Site at your company headquarters. MASTER CHEFS SST SQ ACCELERATORS

Topics covered include:

  • BizIQ Environment
    1. How data flow works in BizIQ
    2. Key Terminologies & Best practices
    3. Structure of BizIQ reports & Objects
  • Hands-On Exercises
    1. Creating and Modify report from Existing Wizard
    2. Create Blank Report
    3. Add Graph to a Report
    4. Create and Apply Filters
    5. Creating a Subscription
    6. Report Creation Review – Exercise
    7. Drill Downs and Headers
    8. Advance Formatting
      • Sorting, Hide Zeroes/Nulls, Page by Axis, Merge, Totals
    9. Create Derived Metrics
    10. Create Threshold
    11. Create Document
  • Other BizIQ items
    1. BizIQ widgets
    2. User maintenance
    3. BizIQ management items
  • Client Items
    1. Client Report Assistance

For more information contact our Accelerator team.

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