Enterprise Reporting

Better, faster reporting means better, faster decisions. 

Enterprise Reporting allows your leaders to see the real-time, system-wide information necessary to improve operating procedures, leverage buying scale, increase menu profitability, reduce food cost variances, control overtime scheduling, and drive promotions. There are literally tens of thousands of metrics that CrunchTime tracks for you to leverage. 

Smarter restaurant operations reporting is a click away.

The CrunchTime Reporting and Analysis Suite is built right in and provides dozens of mission critical reports, including:

  • Actual vs. Theoretical food cost analysis
  • Inventory Value and Efficiencies
  • Menu Mix
  • P&L
  • Purchase by GL
  • Sales Transactions
  • Recipe Margins
  • Labor Productivity
  • Labor P&L
  • Plus dozens of additional canned reports

Consolidated reporting delivers big-picture analysis, drill-down capabilities target problems at the transaction level

Employee dashboards put your operators on a mission with the tools they need to be successful. Their personalized dashboards include a key-metrics scorecard, a dynamic Task List for better ops execution, and reports that quickly pinpoint where to save money and improve performance.

Data Normalization makes sure you normalize (standardize) restaurant data across multiple concepts, time zones, languages, currencies, and unlimited hierarchies to enable consolidated reporting.  

Exception-Based Alerts  are Flash reports that allow you to proactively alert the right person at the right time and catch any issues before they become big problems. Get a laser focus on data that falls outside the thresholds you create.

Better control means people see only the data they need to succeed

User-Specific Data Segmentation creates user-defined hierarchies that provide an unlimited number of personal, consolidated views of information that can include regions, corporate units, franchisees, multiple concepts, and demographic locations.