Inventory Control & Management


Real-time tracking of all inventory items for optimized levels

  • Measuring inventory turns are a critical aspect of lowering food costs.  Remember, the more money your restaurants have tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle on lowering food costs. A lower inventory means lower waste, less spoilage, less theft, lower food costs and higher profits. Our food management software can help.
  • Perpetual Restaurant Inventory Management – CrunchTime’s 100% web-based solution allows for real-time tracking of all inventory items from ordering to depletion at the restaurants. Journal audits provide detailed tracking of every product from procurement to consumption, including advanced tracking of waste.
  • Multiple Storage Locations – One product stored in several places in a restaurant? No problem… CrunchTime delivers consolidated tracking from procurement to consumption. Inventory may also be viewed by storage location, or by product across all storage locations.
Lower Inventory

Do you know where your food is going? If not, we encourage you to take inventory regularly and consistently so you can stay on top of your food usage and associated costs.

Tighter integration stops profit “leaks”


  • Electronic Vendor Integration – CrunchTime integrates with each supplier system electronically via fax, email, FTP, and EDI. Prevent errors by receiving order confirmations, electronic invoices, and electronic order guide updates in real-time.
  • Invoice Reconciliation – Through electronic integration with vendors, invoices may be imported and reconciled to increase accuracy and reduce administrative overhead. Quantity and price discrepancies are handled per your custom preferences. The receiving process is reduced to ‘exceptions only’, saving managers time and increasing data integrity.

Easier to use means more time saved


  • Simple to Configure – Speed the inventory process by configuring the system for shelf to sheet counts.
  • Suggested Ordering – Simplify ordering at the store level with system-generated suggested ordering based on par levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels- enjoy optimal inventory levels at all times.

Better control gets the job done on time, your way


  • Inventory Scheduling – Inventories can be centrally scheduled and managed from the corporate office, by area managers, or by store managers, based upon user permissions.
  • Centralized Order Guides – Eliminate “rogue” spending and ensure brand consistency by controlling the vendors, products and prices available to your restaurants. Get the best price by centrally managing all bids, prices and contracts with electronic “apples-to-apples” vendor bid comparisons.
  • Normalize Units of Measure – Eliminate confusion and ensure accurate stock counting by using configurable units of measure to normalize products across vendors, store locations and recipes.

Smarter reporting lets you mind the store from anywhere


  • Inventory Reports – Use powerful inventory variance reports at the store and enterprise level to zero-in on large variances, view on-hand inventory values, and gain an in-depth view of your suppliers’ performance fill ratios, quality of service, product quality, and price compliance.
  • Loss Prevention – Enforce inventory integrity through ‘blind’ inventory counts and secured access to review and approve counts. Create checks-and-balances by setting up specific users to receive alerts on high-variance items.
  • Mobile Inventory Apps – Utilize integrated mobile solutions for easier inventory counting, vendor invoice reconciliation and improve accuracy.

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