Vendor Management


Elevate your cost control strategies and partner with an advanced vendor management system!

  • Vendor Administration – Increase procure-to-pay cycle and reduce administrative overhead by driving all your vendors to a central collaboration portal to self-manage their order guides, payments and credits.
  • Vendor Scorecards – By comparing each invoice and delivery experience to the original vendor order and contract terms, CrunchTime automatically creates scorecards that measure fill ratios, quality of service, product quality and contract compliance.
  • Control Suppliers – Eliminate supplier overcharges and unapproved substitutions with order guide controls, automated exception alerts and quick credit recovery.
  • Contract Audits – Gain real-time visibility to fill ratios, price compliance, substitutions, and service levels across vendors, products, regions, and restaurants.
  • Simplify Bid Analysis – Automate vendor bid analysis through an electronic “apples-to-apples” bid analyzer to centrally select approved vendors, products, pack sizes, specifications, and prices.

  • Electronic Integration (EDI) with Vendors – Save time and increase accuracy with end-to-end electronic integration to all your suppliers for ordering, invoicing, order guide updates, and payment reconciliation. Learn more here.
  • Normalize Units of Measure – Map specific vendor products and pack sizes to your master company product list to increase order and inventory accuracies and to normalize products across vendors.
  • Increase Customer Safety and Satisfaction – Provide your customers with consistent food quality by centrally defining product specs and selecting dependable vendors across your enterprise.


Xchange is a vendor facing collaboration tool used to facilitate complete automation of all aspects of a CrunchTime customer’s supply chain and includes full EDI capability.
Visit the Xchange page here to lean more.

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