Vendor Management

A vendor management system for advancing vendor partnerships.

Vendor Administration functionality increases procure-to-pay cycles and reduces administrative overhead by driving all your vendors to a central collaboration portal. This portal allows vendors to self-manage their order guides, payments and credits.

Vendor Scorecards compare each invoice and delivery experience to the original vendor order and contract terms.  CrunchTime software automatically creates scorecards that measure fill ratios, quality of service, product quality and contract compliance.

Control Suppliers by eliminating supplier overcharges and unapproved substitutions with order guide controls.  Automated exception alerts and quick credit recovery will now become standard operating procedure.

Contract Audits makes gaining real-time visibility to fill ratios, price compliance, substitutions, and service levels possible.  Audit vendor contracts across vendors, products, regions, and restaurants.

Simplify Bid Analysis by automating a vendor bid analysis.  Now, through an electronic “apples-to-apples” bid analyzer, you can centrally select approved vendors, products, pack sizes, specifications, and prices.

Electronic Integration (EDI) with Vendors saves time and increases accuracy.  Make ordering easier for everyone with end-to-end electronic integration (EDI) to all your suppliers for ordering, invoicing, order guide updates, and payment reconciliation. 

Normalize Units of Measure by mapping specific vendor products and pack sizes to your master company product list.  This standardization will increase order and inventory accuracies and normalize products across your vendors.

Increase Food Safety and Guest Satisfaction by providing your guests with consistently high food quality.   With centrally defining product specs and selecting dependable vendors across your enterprise, you’re better positioned for consistent guest satisfaction.

The CrunchTime! Xchange Vendor Portal is Open for Business!

The Xchange is a vendor facing collaboration tool used to facilitate and complete automation of all aspects of a CrunchTime customer’s supply chain.  The Xchange includes full EDI capability. Click here to learn more.



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