ConneX POS Cloud Integration

Seamlessly Integrate your POS with ConneX

crunchtime pos integration

Restaurants need Point-of-Sale (POS) cloud integration more than ever. With millions of guests receipts being processed every day, ConneX integrates your POS systems seamlessly using cloud-based integration.

Designed to easily exchange critical sales and employee information between your POS and our CrunchTime back office platform, ConneX interfaces with cloud-based POS systems like Brink, Task, and Toast, as well as locally hosted POS systems such as NCR Aloha and Oracle Micros, too.  As a cloud-based POS system, ConneX does not need any local software. Instead, your system’s APIs simply asks for and then acts on data.  For local POS systems, a ConneX client is installed on the POS server to coordinate between the ConneX cloud and the POS.  By using ConneX, you will have more control over your interface maintenance – without any need for any 3rd party “integrator” involvement.

Supported Integrations:


There are five points of integration that ConneX supports:

1. Menu Mix – check level detail tracking the sales of your menu items throughout the day. Includes data such as quantity, price, server, time, revenue center.

2. Sales Mix – summary information used to create a daily reconciliation report. Gross and net sales, tenders, discounts, and sales tax by daypart are part of this feed.

3. Time Punches – time clock detail with employee, position, time in and out, sales and tips, and break indicators.

4. Employee Updates (CrunchTime to POS) – employee information like name, employee number, positions, and pay rates.

5. Schedules (CrunchTime to POS) – employee schedules with position and in/out times.

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