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Case Study – Scale-Up Fast and Drive Expansion: Real-time analytics reduces waste, increases profits

Want to scale faster? Learn how one of the most dynamic fast-casual innovators in the NYC marketplace has used CrunchTime as their “Holy Grail” back office tool. Adam Smith, CTO for Juice Press explains how they use the CrunchTime across more than 60 locations to:

  • Make operations efficient and keep spending under control
  • Use system-suggested orders at the store-level for their state-of-the-art commissary
  • Incorporate business intelligence into manager bonus structure
  • Manage production and vendor bids

If you’re intent on scaling up your fast-growing business as quickly as possible, this short report will help you learn how easily it can happen — with the right partner.

eBook: How to Leverage the Power of Restaurant Management Software

Nation’s Restaurant News and CrunchTime will show how operators have revitalized their restaurants by leveraging the power of integrated restaurant management software.

Case Study – Miller’s Ale House: From Excel to CrunchTime 

When the Miller’s Ale House corporate management team realized that the current system of managing data in various Excel spreadsheets was no longer working, they began looking for a new solution.

Now the restaurant makes smarter decisions across 78 casual dining locations with CrunchTime’s restaurant management software system.

Video – Controlling Food & Labor Costs: Boosting Profits From the Back Office

If you are considering a back office solution for your restaurant brand(s), this webinar is a rare “behind the scenes” operations view from one of the country’s most successful quick service operators, Jersey Mike’s Subs.

See how Jersey Mike’s Subs helps their hundreds of franchises win with CrunchTime. Watch this free webinar right now!

Case Study – Debunking Myths by Using Data to Drive Cross-Franchise Growth

CrunchTime’s system enables Rich Hope, chief marketing officer of Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchise System to turn restaurant data into actionable marketing strategies.

This case study explores how BI will affect your long term success.  See how Jersey Mike’s Subs helps their hundreds of franchises win with CrunchTime. View this free case study now!

Case Study – Bubba Gump Streamlines Operations, Cuts Costs, Increases Accountability

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is a seafood chain committed to great food in a fun, casual dining environment. With ambitious goals to expand, the company knew that managing their business through excel spreadsheets was no longer an option.

Bubba Gump turned to CrunchTime to streamline operations, cut food costs, and increase accountability throughout the organization. Shortly after deployment, Bubba Gump identified substantial results from the CrunchTime solution.

Case Study – Not Your Average Joe’s Reduces Costs, Improves Business Processes

Not Your Average Joe’s is an award-winning chain offering creative and casual cuisine prepared from scratch. Back in 2005, Not Your Average Joe’s recognized that they were unequipped for the company’s planned growth. They needed to improve business processes and unite their brand under one common operating platform.

Not Your Average Joe’s turned to CrunchTime, and within three months of deploying the solution, big results were evident.


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