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it’s CrunchTime!

Welcome to CrunchTime, Guzman y Gomez!  You’re now on a path towards implementing the world’s best and most comprehensive restaurant management back office platform.

You’ve also joined forces with an elite group of restaurant operators from every segment in the foodservice industry.  You’ll now benefit from using a BOH system that continuously learns and grows from the ideas and enhancements suggested by it’s experienced user base.

What all this means is that GYG has smartly invested in a technology suite for its restaurants to operate more efficiently and profitably.  With CrunchTime, GYG managers can spend less time in the back office and more time out front with their team to create fantastic dining experiences.

Take a look at below and please click around our website.  There’s much to learn in the BOH and our mission is to deliver the best restaurant management system in the world to all your locations.

– The CrunchTime Team


Enterprise Manager for Central Control

Think of Enterprise Manager as GYG’s centralized CrunchTime master control panel. Our deployment team will work closely with GYG at the corporate office to input all the important details needed to configure the CrunchTime system to meet GYG’s business rules and objectives.

  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Suppliers and Supply Chain
  • User Configuration
  • Business Rules
  • Security & Access
  • Reporting Hierarchies
  • Accounting & Payroll Integration
  • Audit

ConneX POS Integration

We designed ConneX to seamlessly pass information between your POS and our back office platform.  Our expert integration team will help ensure there’s a smooth POS integration.

  • Seamless, bi-directional, POS-agnostic Integration
  • Cloud or Server-based
  • Polls POS every 2-seconds
  • Supports Real-Time Sales & Labor Reporting
  • Check-level Detail

Net-Chef for Restaurant Operations Management 

Net-Chef tells managers exactly what they need to do to succeed. It includes a performance scorecard, a dynamic Task List, and alerts to prevent mistakes. Multi-store managers can drill down from consolidated dashboards to store-level metrics, giving them the facts they need to improve store performance.

Net-Chef is a GYG Manager’s dashboard and ‘daily playbook.’  This is where a manager will log in daily to see whats really happening inside their restaurant.  Inside Net-Chef, they’ll take care of sales forecasting, vendor orders, inventory and waste tracking, assigning daily tasks, and more.  In short, it’s where they’re taking care of their GYG operation… proactively.

The key to Net-Chef success simple: Consistently good data input creates consistently good data output.

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Ordering & Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Daily Prep
  • Waste Tracking
  • Store to Store Transfers
  • Configurable Dashboards & Alerts
  • Task Lists
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Warehouse Commissary (if applicable)

Net-Chef’s Integrated Mobile Apps Make for Quick Work 

CrunchTime native mobile applications seamlessly integrate with Net-Chef for a fluid PC-to-mobile user experience.  Authorized GYG team members will enjoy regularly counting inventory with the Counter App and receiving vendor orders using Reconciler App.

Stay in control and run a more efficient and profitable operation. Get real-time mobile updates and alerts from the Impact app. Keep inventory operations running smoothly with easy-to-use Counter and Reconciler apps.

Counter features:

  • Inventory shelf-to-sheet counts made easy
  • Pre-loads sequenced count-sheets
  • Auto-displays all count units
  • Allows count of prep items and raw materials
  • UPC barcode scanner
  • Works online or offline
  • For Android and iOS devices.

Reconciler features:

  • Receive vendor orders and add to inventory
  • Resolve vendor disputes for quantity discrepancies, broken, wrong or items outside temperature threshold
  • Bluetooth temperature monitoring with compatible probes (Cooper-Atkins, Thermoworks)
  • Take photos of product or invoice
  • UPC barcode scanner
  • Works online or offline
  • For Android and iOS devices.

Imagine having over 50 Key Performance Metrics right in your pocket.  With the Impact App, authorized team members can access and measure performance of real-time KPIs for sales, food and labor costs, forecast variance, and more.

Impact features:

  • Tracking up to 50 real-time metrics including food and labor costs, forecast variance, on a customizable dashboard
  • Accurate information at configurable intervals
  • Single-store and consolidated views
  • Wearable option with “Task Alerts”
  • For Android and iOS devices.
  • Receive task alerts with iOS Apple Watch.

Line Check Food Safety App for Speed and Accuracy 

Line Check, like all CrunchTime native mobile applications, is seamlessly integrated with Net-Chef. Authorized Line Check users need only use their unique Net-Chef login and password.

Using the Line Check App will make sure all your restaurant food safety tasks are properly taken care of.  This mobile tablet application can quickly guide team members through important restaurant food safety tasks and allows users to stay informed by setting notifications for line check completions and failures.

Line Check features:

  • Food safety audit trail
  • Alerts for standards and HACCP violations
  • Line checks are configurable by restaurant
  • Recurring line check scheduling
  • Temperature monitoring with compatible Bluetooth probes
  • Available for iOS and Android




MainCourse for Online Learning and Operations Development 

MainCourse is an award-winning online learning tool that allows for a fast and easy way to train GYG managers and team members how to do important restaurant operational functions with the CrunchTime system.  The entire GYG enterprise on the same page concerning how to place and receive a vendor order, how to lower food costs, how to track waste, how to schedule optimized team schedules, and so much more.

MainCourse features:

  • Faster employee training development
  • Consistent results
  • No travel – over 80 online courses
  • Available 24/7


Want to learn more? Awesome!  

Check out some of the videos below and please click around our website.  There’s much to learn in the BOH.

The Back Office Solution for Restaurants from CrunchTime! on Vimeo.

Busy Restaurant Managers and the Back Office from CrunchTime! on Vimeo.

Actual vs. Theoretical Food Cost Variance from CrunchTime! on Vimeo.

Classy Pickles from CrunchTime! on Vimeo.