MainCourse eLearning

Our MainCourse e-learning solution makes it quick and easy for users to learn critical application tasks across all your locations.

online restaurant solutions problemsConsistent training means consistent results. With our award-winning MainCourse Learning Management System (LMS), training end users to become CrunchTime-proficient becomes an efficient, consistent and measurable process.  A company can train all of its restaurant staff to perform a given transaction set in less than 10 minutes. There’s no travel required, no dependency on a live instructor, and the lessons are available on-demand at any time. In addition, the training and standards of proficiency are the same for every person, every time, so everyone learns to use the application in a consistent manner.

MainCourse works:

> More than 3,900 courses completed per week on average

> More than 520,000 courses completed

> More than 52,000 hours of training completed 

> More than 100 courses available for a complete CrunchTime learning experience

MainCourse has three integral parts:

  1. Online Lessons. The self-paced online lessons (that you chose) will emphasize the major functional areas of the CrunchTime suite.  Lessons don’t require a live instructor, and are available on demand to all users.
  2. Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is the framework that enables your CrunchTime administrators to provide the course content to your team members.  It is also the portal where your team members register to access the online lessons and track their progress.
  3. Central Management Console.  This extension of the LMS provides your CrunchTime administrations with visibility to the progress your team members are making in completing the curriculum that you have created for them.  It provides a seamless platform for you to monitor the education processes that you have put in place.

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“Feedback on the courses has been very positive. [CrunchTime] did a great job in creating content and we’re looking forward to more down the road, especially as a training tool for new managers coming in, or promoted Kitchen & Bar Managers.”

– Bryce Renn, Executive Bar Manager of Hofman Group’s Lucille’s BBQ and Hof’s Hut

“First off, I love the MainCourse content and how it is laid out.  The courses are an excellent way to prep newbies and those who think they know everything within CrunchTime. CrunchTime continues to keep adding new courses to help with more features that people routinely use.”

– Trent Vargason, Technology Director for Runza.



CrunchTime! MainCourse won a Stevie Award
from the American Business Association for
Innovation in Customer Service.



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