This is Restaurant Enterprise Management

With CrunchTime’s restaurant back office platform, you will reduce your food and beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and allow your operators to better manage the quality and consistency of their food service operations — across the entire enterprise.

After CrunchTime is implemented, you will routinely see annual bottom-line cost savings of 2-5% or even more.

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Food Cost Management

CONTROLLING FOOD COST Actual vs. Theoretical Food Costing – Get ready to save money on food purchases. With this powerful tool for enterprise restaurant leaders and managers, you can compare what you actually paid to what food costs should have…

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Inventory Control & Management

INVENTORY CONTROL Real-time tracking of all inventory items for optimized levels Measuring inventory turns are a critical aspect of lowering food costs.  Remember, the more money your restaurants have tied up in inventory, the harder it is to get a handle…

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Menu Engineering

MENU ENGINEERING Better planning builds proper margins into every menu item!   Recipe Modeling – CrunchTime’s Recipe Modeling suite equips your culinary, marketing, and procurement teams with a simple ‘playground’ to analyze the impact of ingredient costs, the profit margin for…

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Labor Management

TEAM SCHEDULING & MANAGER LOG Managing and scheduling your team has never been easier. Managers can approve requests, create staff schedules, and communicate messages about shift openings or important updates right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Team members can just…

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Dashboards and Alerts

RESTAURANT DASHBOARDS & ALERTS Show operators how they’re doing and what to do next! Custom Dashboard – This master control panel tells your people exactly what they need to do to succeed. It includes a performance scorecard, a dynamic Task List,…

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Restaurant Forecasting

FORECASTING & PLANNING Achieve greater restaurant forecasting and predict greater success Restaurant Forecasting Engine – Restaurant Forecasts for sales, inventory levels, guest traffic, order quantities, and production needs are based on historical consumption patterns, sales trends, seasonality, special promotions and…

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Restaurant Supply Chain

RESTAURANT SUPPLY CHAIN Vendor Management – Get the best price with easy “apples-to-apples” vendor bid comparisons, then track performance with vendor scorecards for fill ratios, quality of service, product quality, and price compliance.  Automated Credit Recovery – Eliminate supplier overcharges through alerts…

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Food Production Planning

FOOD PRODUCTION PLANNING Customized food prep and production plans   Improve Food Production Accuracy – Utilizing historical consumption patterns and projected sales, construct customized production plans for any time period (i.e. week, day, shift, hour) or food prepation station. Get production…

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Enterprise Reporting

TOTAL ENTERPRISE REPORTING Better planning means faster decisions Enterprise Planning – See the real-time, system-wide information necessary to improve operating procedures, leverage buying scale, increase menu profitability, reduce food cost variances, control overtime scheduling, and drive promotions. Identify and take advantage…

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Vendor Management

VENDOR MANAGEMENT Elevate your cost control strategies and partner with an advanced vendor management system! Vendor Administration – Increase procure-to-pay cycle and reduce administrative overhead by driving all your vendors to a central collaboration portal to self-manage their order guides,…

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Business Intelligence

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Restaurant business intelligence by CrunchTime.  Create custom dashboards showing team members exactly how well they’re doing against their key performance goals. Create detailed reports including standard trend reports and the ability to write Ad hoc reports to support…

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International Solutions

INTERNATIONAL CAPABILITY Serving all areas of the hospitality industry around the world, from the hottest restaurant chains to the most luxurious cruise ships and entertainment venues. No language or currency barriers Expert Implementation and Support Teams – With implementations in 28 countries…

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BOH Products
Our Products

Our core back-office suite is comprised of four core products:

Enterprise Manager™

Enterprise Manager is the zero-footprint web based “master control panel” used by system administrators at your company corporate headquarters and franchise partners to perform all central setup and configuration of the system.  Key functions performed in Enterprise Manager are general system configuration, defining business rules, setting user access and security, managing products & recipes, updating and analyzing vendors/bids/contracts and supply chain logistics, defining reporting hierarchies, and other above-store functions. There are over 80 set-up screens in Enterprise Manager providing superior configuration for your business.  The system also provides a robust integration layer to facilitate the bi-directional exchange of data between CrunchTime and your existing IT ecosystem.


Net-Chef is the zero-footprint restaurant management platform accessed in the field by your end users.  It is used by your restaurant staff to run their daily operations, your warehouse locations for distribution to your locations, and your field management (at the district and regional level) for oversight and enterprise reporting.  Key functions performed in Net-Chef are ordering, receiving, food prep, inventory, sales forecasting, labor scheduling and processing, product transfers, and other store functions.  Net-Chef also provides enterprise reporting (with hierarchies and drill downs), single store reports, dashboards, alerting, and dynamic task lists. The system is fully integrated with your POS on the front-end, collecting transaction level detail and time punch data; and with your accounting and payroll system on the back end.  Through Enterprise Manager you can configure these integrations to be franchisee specific.


ConneX is a small footprint web service that is used for bi-directional integration of POS and other 3rd party applications.  This can be deployed on a POS server or in the cloud to pull transactional details for sales and labor in virtual real-time and push them into CrunchTime.  This tool is POS-agnostic and can support multiple POS systems across a customer’s universe of locations.


CrunchTime also provides a fully integrated e-learning platform.  MainCourse was designed to help end users become uniformly proficient in the key operating tasks required to run a restaurant, through training that is efficient, consistent and measurable. A company can now train restaurant staff to perform a transaction set such as creating a vendor order or taking an inventory in less than 10-minutes using proven adult learning techniques. Because there is no travel required, no dependency on a live instructor, and lessons are available on-demand at any time on any device, staff training and standards of proficiency are uniform across both company-owned and franchised restaurant locations to ensure a consistent result.  There is also a central console so that at the Franchisor level or franchisee level, the certifications of remote staff can be monitored.  This tools is SCORM compliant, so we can also integrate with existing e-learning platforms if needed.

In addition to our core back-office solution, we also offer these additional value-added products:


BizIQ is a SAAS Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform architected utilizing an Oracle Data Warehouse and Microstrategy BI technologies.  BizIQ requires no incremental setup and is fully integrated with the CrunchTime platform right out of the box.  The Data Warehouse is optimized for reporting, analysis, “what if” scenarios, and provides access to almost 20,000 metrics to enable users to create their own ad hoc reports, dashboards, alerts, data cubes, and visualizations.  There are also easy to use report creation wizards and a library of existing content that is available to simplify the creation of new reports.  BizIQ also allows for distribution of reports on a subscription basis or directly in Net Chef through single sign-on.


Teamworx is our employee self-service portal.  Teamworx gives your team members in the restaurants access to view their schedules online, time worked and any manager adjustments, request time-off, pickup available shifts, swap shifts, and receive important messages.  It also provide custom checklist capabilities that take advantage of the peripherals on the mobile device.  It includes notifications and workflows, including a manager’s console where managers can review all pending requests and approve or deny the requests.  Teamworx will eliminate phone calls and sticky notes and replace them with a fully integrated tool that empowers your workforce while providing your managers with full visibility and oversight.  Teamworx simplifies scheduling and shift changes and reduces the workload on your management team.  Teamworx is web-based, zero footprint and device aware.  It can run on any phone, tablet, or computer so you do not have to worry about what devices your team members are using in the field.


KitchenSync was designed to work in seamless connection with CrunchTime’s core back office system to eliminate food expiration date errors, make food prep fast, and integrate with operations.  CrunchTime’s KitchenSync makes the AccuDate XL label printer from Transact Technologies a fully integrated prep planning and recipe display station that connects kitchen prep functions with CrunchTime’s enterprise back office system.  KitchenSync delivers features that incorporates sales forecasts, intra-day POS transactions, and historical consumption patterns to provide the restaurant team with the ability to review the day’s prep plan, perform prep as required by the flow of the business and print customized prep labels. The device seamlessly connects the prep staff’s activities directly to the CrunchTime back office system, immediately updating inventory levels that can trigger prep and purchasing alerts.

Line Check™ 

CrunchTime! Line Check™ is a mobile application that can quickly guide staff through important food safety tasks.  Use Existing Net-Chef Login and Password and set thresholds for each product.  Set notifications for completions and failures and manage containers configurations. Set up clear preparation standards for staff.


Xchange is an e-commerce platform that facilitates seamless integration and collaboration between vendors and their community of CrunchTime customers. Using this platform vendors will be able to automate the exchange of information from the time an order is created until the time payment for those goods and services has been processed.  Vendors will also be able to automate price updates, bid on new price requests, share documents, and exchange PO specific notes with their customers from a single platform.  By joining the Xchange community, your vendors will have access to the hundreds of supply chain professionals who use CrunchTime each day to procure the goods and services that their businesses rely on.

To Go!™ Mobile Apps

From the front of house to the back, stay in control and run a more e­fficient and profitable operation with CrunchTime’s mobile apps for Android and iOS.  CrunchTime! To Go!™ is a suite of native mobile apps that put CrunchTime back-office in your pocket.  Get real-time mobile updates and alerts, plus monitor restaurant sales, food and labor costs, guest counts, and much more. Make inventory-centric tasks such as shelf-to-sheet counts, vendor product receiving, and invoice reconciliation easier and more accurate with your existing smartphone or tablet all while keeping your managers out of the office.

The most robust restaurant management solution in the industry delivered to all your locations. Our software systems have been successfully implemented by our client services team for the largest and most admired operators in the world -- on-time and on-budget.
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