Dashboards and Alerts

Show operators how they’re doing and what to do next!

Custom Dashboard control panel tells your people exactly what they need to do to succeed. It includes a performance scorecard, a dynamic Task List, and alerts to prevent mistakes. Multi-store managers can drill down from consolidated dashboards to store-level metrics, giving them the facts they need to improve store performance.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) make goals crystal clear by putting key KPIs onto each user’s personal dashboard. Then track real time performance from the consolidated brand level down to each restaurant, to quickly detect high-achievers and under-performers.

Manager Alerts set performance targets for all KPI’s, and receive automated email alerts for sales and labor metrics as well as to-do tasks.

Popular Flash Reports are the key to selling more and spending less; utilize your custom dashboard flash reports to drill down and keep your operators focused on high-impact cost-saving opportunities. Use popular reports such as our Top Ten Actual vs. Theoretical Variances and Top Ten Menu Mix Sales Items.

Language Versatility breaks down language barriers with a built-in language studio that displays the application in a user-specific language, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese languages.


Dashboards are easy to read. All your locations will see important KPIs and daily tasks to complete like inventory management and team scheduling.

Better control means tighter ops company-wide

Task Management – The dynamic, system-generated Task List shows operators exactly what they’re scheduled to do next, including:

  • Ordering 
  • Receiving 
  • Scheduling
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory counts
  • New hire setup
  • Cleaning
  • Production

Audit Trails ensure completed tasks can be reviewed, while incomplete tasks generate automated alerts to the boss, or the boss’ boss… improving execution dramatically!

Workflow Efficiencies make best practices clear with configurable workflows to ensure tasks are completed correctly. Receive alerts if workflows are abandoned and tasks are not completed on time.

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