Food Cost Management


  • Actual vs. Theoretical Food Costing – Get ready to save money on food purchases. With this powerful tool for enterprise restaurant leaders and managers, you can compare what you actually paid to what food costs should have been for any particular item In other words, you get to see where you wasted your money so you can improve your food cost control. Watch the video below to learn about why actual vs. theoretical food costs are such a big deal.

  • Sales and Cash Reconciliation – Capture mission critical data including over/short, guest counts, comps and discounts, credit card transactions, bank deposits, catering activity, day-part analysis, voids, and much more.
  • Loss Prevention – Identify fraudulent activities though alerts and trend tracking. Monitor high cost ingredients, isolate critical areas, and track user-specific activities to reduce any dishonest behavior. Take preventative measures to ensure that loss prevention is minimal.

Better planning eliminates waste


  • Menu Engineering – Engineer more profitable menus by analyzing customer demand, item percentage sales contributions, and costs and profit margins. Launch more effective campaigns by understanding the true plate costs of a new recipe, LTO or promotion – before rollout.
  • Suggested Order – Simplify ordering at the store-level with system-generated suggested ordering based on par levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts and on-hand inventory levels.
  • Demand-based Production – Reduce the costs associated with over-production by forecasting your food production schedule based on sales forecasts and historical consumption patterns. Build custom production schedules by hour, shift, day, week, or by prep station, and adjust plans daily and intra-day, based on traffic and consumption.

Greater accuracy means information you can trust


  • Perpetual Inventory Management – Cut costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels – reduce excess inventory waste while avoiding out of stock incidents. The 100% web-based solution allows for real-time tracking of all items – from ordering to depletion. This is one of the most important benefits of using restaurant inventory software.
  • Simple Configuration – Save time and eliminate data entry errors by configuring the system for shelf-to-sheet inventory counts in every restaurant, every time.

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