Restaurant Forecasting


Achieve greater restaurant forecasting and predict greater success

  • Restaurant Forecasting EngineRestaurant Forecasts for sales, inventory levels, guest traffic, order quantities, and production needs are based on historical consumption patterns, sales trends, seasonality, special promotions and current on-hand levels. CrunchTime learns from history, and real-time data, to increase restaurant forecasting precision.
  • Production Accuracy – Prevent over-production, waste, and shortages every day. Whether your production model is based on day-part schedules, or a more fluid operation throughout the day, CrunchTime calculates precise future production needs based on:
    • Historical consumption patterns
    • Thaw times
    • Shelf life of finished goods
    • Forecast sales and guest traffic.


Better control delivers your forecast, your way


  • Customized Forecasting – No two restaurant companies run their businesses the same way, so CrunchTime provides a console of ‘levers’ that you can adjust to customize the forecasting algorithms to match your business model. This includes specifying the forecasting granularity: by day, day-part, hour, half-hour, or 15 minute intervals.

Better planning means tighter operations at lower cost


  • Intelligent Staffing – By analyzing your optimum staffing models, menu items sold, historical traffic patterns, and actual sales dollars, CrunchTime can create intelligent staffing plans. The result is just enough staff, with the right mix of skills to deliver better operations at lower cost.
  • Suggested Ordering – Simplify ordering at the store level with system-generated suggested ordering based on configurable par levels, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts and on-hand inventory levels. That means optimal inventory levels at all times.

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