Restaurant Labor Management

We can make managing and scheduling your teams easier and more productive.

Managers can approve requests, create staff schedules, and communicate messages about shift openings or important updates right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Team members can just as easily offer, pick-up and swap shifts right from their own smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

With the TeamworX workforce management solution, the entire staffing process is streamlined with easy-to-use, mobile scheduling functions that allow restaurant managers to keep up with staff requests and automate schedule changes on a single platform.  

Teamworx is available as a native mobile app for Apple iOS, Google Android, and any web browser.

Key labor management efficiencies:

Makes creating shifts easier to automatically schedule and swap.

Simplifies the communication process and makes it more impactful.

Empowers the team to take control and ownership of their work.

Facilitates collaboration and teamwork across the entire restaurant.

Includes a full-function integrated manager log functionality for capturing important notes and details.

Seamlessly integrates with Net-Chef restaurant information system for a smooth operation.

Enforce best labor practices in every location

Labor Law Compliance with local, state, federal and company labor laws, including break laws, minor laws, and overtime guidelines.

Staffing Templates will minimize labor costs by correlating your sales range to the optimum number of scheduled team members in each position.

Shift Management by defining the rules and relationships between time-of-day, job codes, skills, tasks, and menu items that underlie schedules, training, skill certifications and task assignments.

Security is air-tight. Your information and system access are secured by user, and audit trails are created for all critical transactions.

Integrated Manager Log for tracking what’s important

Teamworx Manager Log


Access communication logs, shift, and personnel notes – on mobile devices.

Log daily shift and personnel notes in the Store Log.

Assign and take action on Tasks, To-Do’s, and Follow-Ups to team members.

Attach pictures and comments to a Task or To-Do.

Send broadcast messages and pre-loaded messages to any team member.

Check in on store activity.

Easier to use, in multiple languages

Intuitive interface with simple to use tools and templates save managers time, and speed learning.

Multi-Language so users can log on in the language of their choice, ensuring ease-of-use and concise communication.

Employee Sharing is easy. Now you can manage and share employees across restaurant locations and across different job codes.

Scheduling Adjustments is 100% web-based. Our solution delivers easy access to schedules 24×7 from any browser.

Forecast employee hours to maintain guest satisfaction with the lowest labor cost possible

Right Staffing to reduce the costs associated with over and under-staffing. Use smart templates to create labor schedules based on sales and guest-traffic forecasts, as well as past consumption and traffic patterns.

Menu Mix Scheduling so you know which items sell best, and who’s required to prep, produce, and serve them. By linking those menu items with the associated job codes, your schedules will always have the right people on staff, at the right time.

Earned Hours performance metrics indicate how many hours your employees should have worked during a shift based on the actual sales during that same shift.  Now you can see how well your managers are at adjusting their staffing needs in response to actual sales conditions throughout the day.

Reports based on workforce facts, not guesses

Performance Management enables you to reward top performers and coach more effectively by tracking employee performance, attendance, and task completion.

Overtime Alerts before overtime happens.  Adjust schedules and reduce unnecessary costs by receiving system-generated alerts before overtime violations occur.

Tighter integration with your systems

Enterprise View to gain a comprehensive view of your entire workforce, with full integration to your business systems including POS, Payroll, Time Clock and Biometric devices.


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