Restaurant Supply Chain

Track your entire supply chain from procurement to consumption. Get the total picture.

Vendor Management – Get the best price with easy “apples-to-apples” vendor bid comparisons, then track performance with vendor scorecards for fill ratios, quality of service, product quality, and price compliance. 

Automated Credit Recovery – Eliminate supplier overcharges through alerts and automated credit recovery. Discover how one client saved $12,000 on ketchup!

Recipe Management – Centrally manage all recipes and menus, production methods, products, and allowed substitutes to ensure consistency across your restaurants.

Centralized Order Guides – Eliminate “rogue” spending and ensure brand consistency by controlling the vendors, products and prices available to your restaurants.

Better planning eliminates mistakes and its costs.

Sales Forecasts will right-size your inventory and save money by forecasting sales, guest traffic, order quantities and production based on historical patterns, seasonality, and promotions.

Menu Engineering avoids expensive mistakes to understand the true plate costs of a new recipe, LTO or promotion before rollout. Engineer more profitable menus by analyzing demand, item sales contributions, and profit margins.

Suggested Order simplifies ordering at the store-level with suggested vendor orders based on pars, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels.

Commissary Management by the commissary experts. Slash costs by seeing real-time restaurant demand, consumption, and production requirements. Manage distribution and invoicing by restaurant location.

Smarter reporting shows you where to focus your efforts.

Task Completion via automatic task reminders on your dashboard helps your team members complete tasks on-time; including ordering, receiving, and inventory counts. Automated monitoring of their performance keeps them accountable to the business goals you created.

Perpetual Inventory Management cuts costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels- keep your cash in the bank, not the walk-in. Real-time tracking, from ordering to depletion at the restaurants, avoids out of stock surprises.

Greater food safety is important to all of us.

Allergens and Nutritional Information is built-in to comply with nutrition laws and protect your guests.  Provide accurate allergen content and nutritional information labeling for your restaurants by using the USDA Database and/or your own custom nutritional information.  Get instant access to caloric, nutritional and allergen information.

Restaurant Food Safety Tools protect your restaurants from food safety hazards with Manufacturer Lot Tracking, HACCP compliance, and vendor performance scorecards. CrunchTime allows you to track every step of your supply chain – from procurement to the customer meal.

Integration with vendor partners and suppliers for simpler, more accurate transactions.

Electronic Integration saves time with end-to-end electronic integration (EDI) to suppliers, including ordering, electronic invoice processing, and vendor order guide imports.

Vendor Self-Service Tools offered by CrunchTime Xchange increases procure-to-pay cycle and reduces administrative overhead by driving all your vendors to a central collaboration portal to self-manage their order guides, payments and credits.