Restaurant Supply Chain


  • Vendor Management – Get the best price with easy “apples-to-apples” vendor bid comparisons, then track performance with vendor scorecards for fill ratios, quality of service, product quality, and price compliance. 
  • Automated Credit Recovery – Eliminate supplier overcharges through alerts and automated credit recovery. Discover how one client saved $12,000 on ketchup!
  • Recipe Management – Centrally manage all recipes and menus, production methods, products, and allowed substitutes to ensure consistency across your restaurants.
  • Centralized Order Guides – Eliminate “rogue” spending and ensure brand consistency by controlling the vendors, products and prices available to your restaurants.

Better planning eliminates “Ready, fire, aim!” and its costs


  • Sales Forecasts – Right-size your inventory and save, by forecasting sales, guest traffic, order quantities and production based on historical patterns, seasonality, and promotions.
  • Menu EngineeringAvoid expensive mistakes: understand the true plate costs of a new recipe, LTO or promotion before rollout. Engineer more profitable menus by analyzing demand, item sales contributions, and profit margins.
  • Suggested Order – Simplify ordering at the store-level with suggested ordering based on pars, historical consumption patterns, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels.
  • Commissary Management – We’re the experts. Slash costs by seeing real time restaurant demand, consumption, and production requirements. Manage distribution and invoicing by restaurant.

Smarter reporting shows you where to focus your efforts


  • Task Completion – Automatic task reminders on our dashboards help your employees complete tasks on-time; including ordering, receiving, and inventory counts. Automated monitoring of their performance keeps them accountable.
  • Perpetual Inventory Management – Cut costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels- keep your cash in the bank, not the walk-in. Real-time tracking, from ordering to depletion at the restaurants, avoids out of stock surprises.

Greater food safety is important to all of us


  • Allergens and Nutritional Information – Comply with nutrition laws and protect your guests by providing accurate allergen content and nutritional information labeling. Use the USDA Database and/or your custom nutritionals for instant access to caloric, nutritional and allergen information
  • Restaurant Food Safety Tools – Protect your restaurants from food safety hazards with Manufacturer Lot Tracking, HACCP compliance, and vendor performance scorecards. CrunchTime allows you to track every step of your supply chain – from procurement to the customer meal.

Integration with suppliers for simpler transactions


  • Electronic Integration – Save time with end-to-end electronic integration to suppliers, including ordering, electronic invoice processing, and vendor order guide imports.
  • Vendor Self-Service Tools – Increase procure-to-pay cycle and reduce administrative overhead by driving all your vendors to a central collaboration portal to self-manage their order guides, payments and credits.



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