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6 Questions with Tech Support Analyst Tanesha Roach

CrunchTimer Spotlight: 6 Questions with Tech Support Analyst Tanesha Roach

For the past five years, Tanesha Roach has been a valued part of our technical support team. Serving on the front line of client services, Tanesha has to be on her toes -- so, it's a good thing she's on top of her sneaker game.

Tell us more about the responsibilities in your role.


As a Sr. Tech Support Analyst, I serve as a leader and resource to the members of my team as well as serving as a subject matter expert whenever necessary to other departments. My main responsibility is troubleshooting Customer Support tickets, and creating scripts to fix corrupt data within a customer’s database that’s negatively impacting application functionality. I review stored procedures and identify defects to report to our Development teams. One of the things I enjoy the most about my role is sharing my knowledge. I have created documentation and provided training to assist in successfully onboarding new members to the Technical Support team. I also work with management to create processes that ensure our team complies with Standard Operating Procedures.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in your role, so far?

I’m not sure it’s the coolest, but my favorite responsibility is creating User Defined Exports. These are custom extracts tailored specifically to the needs of each CrunchTime customer. I collaborate with the SOW team and conduct analysis to determine the effort required to accommodate these requests. Although I’m coding to spec, I get to be creative because it’s my job to build the UDE, test it and make sure a quality solution is delivered to our customers.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CrunchTime?

Everyone is really smart, we work really hard and since CrunchTime is a small company, you cannot hide or play the background. This is what made me the most nervous but also the most excited about working at CrunchTime. There’s always an opportunity to put my CrunchTime knowledge and technical skills to the test.

What led you to CrunchTime?

Although I worked in Financial Services for 10 years, I always envisioned myself working in Technology. Getting laid-off when the Financial Services industry was suffering gave me the push that I needed to return to Simmons University and earn my Computer Science degree. After graduating, my first job was a Developer role at a large medical software company. While I was able to hone my development skills and gain confidence working in a new industry, it was clear that the company would not be my permanent home. After my first round of interviews at CrunchTime, I knew this was the place for me, and I have not looked back.

What do you like doing outside of the office?

I love, love, love hanging out and traveling with family and friends. Every 2 years there’s a family journey. My most memorable trip was to Barbados for my cousin’s wedding with about 70 of us in attendance. Although the pandemic has slowed that down dramatically, we still find ways to be “close” and socialize while not being in each other’s spaces. I’m on a monthly Zoom call with my family that averages 20-30 people!

What’s a fun fact about you?

Tanesha_Pic2My sneaker game is pretty tight (Toot! Toot!).

Here are two of my most recent purchases. I’m a true Bostonian so it’s Adidas all day.

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