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HR Teams Overcome Labor Challenges with Crunchtime

Crunchtime's labor and training solutions help you achieve labor law compliance and boost retention.




“Teamworx allows us to look at sales and compliance requirements to manage our shifts. We can schedule each hour based on number of sales and make sure that we have enough people on a shift to take care of that volume while remaining within our compliance guidelines."


George Anthony
Crunchtime Administrator
Five Guys 


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“Their labor costs are more controlled so they're not having a lot of people doing overtime...We have seen that it can be a profitable measure for licensees who use it correctly."


David Swinford
Operations Systems Consultant


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"That dramatic drop of 50 percent time spent on creating schedules allows our operators to dial in on the other areas of opportunity that they have. Instead of just spending extra time writing a schedule and forgetting about a half an hour break that Fair Workweek introduced, it's all very clearly written out for them and makes their time go by much faster in schedule writing..."


Jenn Huntress
Sr. Ops Services Associate


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“Our outcomes are tremendously better...we find that TalentLink directly helps ensure that our folks are on a path to go in the direction they want to go. Ninety-two percent of our managers are growth from within."


Christopher Shand
VP of HR and Manager Development
Silver Diner


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Effortlessly manage labor law compliance and retain your top talent

Reduce risk with automated compliance

As your restaurant brand grows, so does the risk of labor law violations. Crunchtime manages the complex landscape of labor law compliance with prescriptive guidance around all scheduling. Fully automated compliance covers all local, state and federal laws including predictive scheduling, minors, overtime, meal breaks, and more.


Achieve your labor cost goals

Take control of your labor costs by improving scheduling at every store location. Crunchtime makes it easy for managers to staff the right number and mix of employees to meet demand throughout the day. With an optimized workforce, you can keep your labor costs in check and your customers happy.

Improve retention by empowering employees

Increase average tenure by letting employees control their own schedules and availability. Enable bi-directional messaging between all levels of the organization via mobile apps and use auditing capabilities to ensure legally appropriate messaging.


Track training compliance system-wide

Track harassment prevention, EEO, food safety, and OSHA training to ensure compliance and avoid costly fines and lawsuits. Manage all certifications in one place and quickly update and deploy training materials as new laws are adopted.



Grow faster with a scalable solution 

Crunchtime is built to grow and evolve with your organization's needs. With robust reporting and real-time data on your labor operation, you can confidently make informed decisions about growth and identify areas for improvement.


Half or more of operations leaders plan to add or upgrade back-of-house restaurant technology in the next 12-18 months*

Curious how Crunchtime can help optimize your operations? Learn how top brands like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, sweetgreen, and Shake Shack use Crunchtime.
*2023 Restaurant Operations Report