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Wearable Restaurant Management Software

The value of Apple Watch restaurant apps (and other wearable tech)

Consumer products that provide quick access to information have many business applications.

At their core, smart devices provide quick and easy access to content and information with the intention of making the user's life a little easier. Your guests use smartphones to engage with your restaurant in a multitude of ways. Employees are equally connected to their devices, and in the fast-paced world of restaurants, quick and easy access is a critical need. And while smartphones have revolutionized the way humans communicate and obtain information, they barely scratch the surface regarding the potential of digital information efficiency. Many believe wearable technology represent the future of communication and instant access. In your case, smartwatch restaurant apps are a big step forward.

apple watch app - guests Track guest metrics.


How the Smartwatch Helps Restaurants

One of Apple's goals is to create an ecosystem where users own a suite of devices that meet all their digital needs. Tethering the Apple Watch to the iPhone allows users to gain even easier access to the most critical information contained on their device. The best Apple Watch apps compliment more feature-rich iPhone mobile apps, and the most apps for the restaurant industry are glance-able and easily display alerts that notify the wearer of important information.

apple watch app - sales Track sales metrics.


Here are five great reasons why smartwatch restaurant apps can be a big success in your restaurants:

  1. Task Notifications and Alerts - Receive gentle notifications with reminders about key tasks such as conducting inventory and cleaning restrooms, or in instances such as when an employee has a break violation.
  2. Monitor KPIs – Track sales metrics, food and labor costs, guest counts, and much more. For managers, the Watch can share any metrics that are monitored with your back office-powered iPhone app - all in a glance-able format.
  3. Change Culture - With wearable devices, your staff will get off their phones and get important updates - all while being discrete around customers.
  4. Forecast Variance - Easily monitor how your restaurants actual performance measures up against forecasted performance.
  5. Stay in front of Guests – Stay visible to staff and customers while keeping track of your back-office powered metrics on your wearable device.

Even without the benefit of Wi-Fi in your restaurant, your team can still use their wearable Apple or Android watch by tethering it to a manager’s smartphone. Clearly, the watch is an easy-to-wear and highly productive mobile tool for the restaurant industry.

The Future of Wearable Tech in the Restaurant

Apple watch restaurant apps probably aren't the final stage of mobile restaurant tech evolution. The growing popularity of wearable technology and the Internet of Things will help both businesses and consumers share and access information in new and innovative ways. While both are still in their infancy stages, it's fun to think about a future where information is readily available anywhere, at any time, and in any form. Imagine employees with wireless headphones with a voice service like Siri letting them know that a table needs assistance. What if a movement tracker let your managers know that a team member was on their feet too long and needed a break?

These kinds of applications are a long way off, but they speak to an important current issue. Data is essential to the success of your restaurant operations, and it needs to be readily available to team members on the move. Apple Watch restaurant apps and other mobile applications are a good start.