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Crunchtime Delivers Release 3.8 for its Back Office Solutions for Hospitality

Boston – CrunchTime! Information Systems, a leader in cost control solutions for the hospitality industries, announced today that is has delivered Release 3.8 of its Net-ChefTM and Enterprise ManagerTM back office solutions. Highlights include simplified audit changes in the bidding process, scheduled data exports, rapid correction of inaccurate POS data in many locations at once, and new password security features.

CrunchTime! solutions help drive down food and labor costs by allowing precise management of all levels of the supply chain, and staffing levels, while making day-to-day operations more consistent. Real-time reporting on a wide variety of Key Performance Indicators lets users identify sales and cost issues instantly.

“The powerful new capabilities in Release 3.8 are a direct result of listening to our customers.” said Bill Bellissimo, President and CEO of CrunchTime! “These new features will make it faster, safer, and easier for our users to get the accurate real-time information they need to dramatically lower their food and labor costs.”

New Capabilities

Among the most important of the many new capabilities in the 3.8 release are:

  • Bid auditing – To quickly ensure pricing accuracy, users can audit changes to bid sheets, tracking price updates, contract changes, and more. Audit records include product-level detail, date/time stamp of the change, and the user who changed the record, making it easy to investigate discrepancies.
  • Scheduled exports – Data exports (including accounting and payroll data) can be scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, saving corporate users time and effort.
  • Order alerts – The application will alert end-users if they’re ordering quantities outside typical thresholds- preventing “fat-finger” entry mistakes. In addition, the receiving process highlights quantity discrepancies, giving users instant visibility to short-shipped items.
  • Security – CrunchTime! applications now support complex user passwords, password expiration, “forgot password” functionality, and more to protect the integrity of data and the system.
  • Enhanced POS data management – Users can now “undo” menu mix data for multiple locations and multiple dates at once, substantially reducing the time and effort required to correct issues with POS data files and the associated inventory depletion.

CrunchTime!’s enterprise solution combines simplicity with an unmatched breadth of functionality. By providing an integrated platform with the robust tools to manage all dimensions of the business, it empowers customers to maximize performance at every level of their operations. Features include inventory, production planning, ordering and receiving, labor scheduling and workforce management, cash reconciliation, enterprise supply chain management, enterprise reporting, custom dash boards, menu and recipe engineering, automated alerts, and reporting at both the corporate and store levels.

About CrunchTime! Information Systems
CrunchTime! Information Systems is a leading provider of enterprise solutions for the hospitality industries. Since 1995, CrunchTime! solutions have helped customers reduce food & beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of their food service operations. CrunchTime!’s customers include multi-unit restaurants, cruise lines, hotels and food service management companies around the world. For more information, visit www.crunchtime.com.