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Connecting with Guests

Watch a 1-minute video sample of a gamified activity practicing the best way to interact with guests.


Course Abstract

8 minutes

No matter their position in the restaurant, employees will cross paths with a guest at some point during their shift. This course teaches employees the importance and impact of positive guest engagement and uses gamification to drive the message home. Learners will be asked to decide when to check in with a guest and determine which option is best and weakest in terms of creating a connection.

  • Demonstrates the best time to interact with guests and how to respond when employees encounter them

  • Provides customized feedback to learners based on their comfort level with interacting with guests
  • Practices quick decision-making in a timed exercise to decide whether to check in now with a guest or check back in a few minutes

  • Lets learners earn points in a game to select which of the response options to various guest situations are best, just okay, or weak

Improve guest connection skills across the whole team



Hourly Employees


Practice exercise
Smart gamification




Full narration
Onscreen text option
Tin Can compatible
Mobile ready