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Diversity in the Workplace

Watch a 2:45 video sample illustrating a better way to communicate within a diverse environment.


Course Abstract

15 minutes

This diversity course helps employees work more effectively in a diverse workplace by teaching them to treat everyone as they would like to be treated. It demonstrates that treating co-workers and guests with dignity, care, and respect is always the right thing to do, not just from a professional standpoint, but from a personal one as well. Employees will learn the importance of considering how their words and actions, despite motive or intent, can be interpreted by guests or co- workers.

  • Scenarios that illustrate the impacts of a hostile or disrespectful workplace and how to diffuse a tense situation by treating everyone with professionalism and respect

  • Understanding how words and actions can be interpreted by co-workers and guests, and the importance of stopping to consider the impacts before speaking
  • Video examples that provide real-life scenes demonstrating the importance of treating co-workers and guests with dignity and respect

  • How to look at a situation from the guest’s perspective, and respond with care and consideration

Teach employees to consider the feelings of guests and co-workers



Hourly Employees


Video examples
Interactive questions




Full narration
Onscreen text option
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Mobile ready