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Managing Your Emotions

Watch a 45-second video sample demonstrating the importance of body language through an interactive body language simulator.


Course Abstract

10 minutes

Improve your work environment and reduce team member attrition by teaching your managers to stay in charge of their emotions instead of being emotionally charged. This course will educate managers on the importance of keeping their emotions in check throughout each shift so they are able to provide steady leadership to their team and portray confidence to their guests.

  • Shows how emotionally charged words and phrases can negatively impact productivity and how to avoid them, including an activity in which learners practice identifying the emotionally charged phrases in an exchange between a manager and team member

  • Demonstrates the importance of paying attention to body language when dealing with stressful situations

  • Includes body language simulator activity in which learners practice building body language that communicates positivity, confidence, and professionalism

  • Provides tips and strategies for responding calmly to the surprises of a typical restaurant shift

  • Shares testimonies from experienced managers who give advice for remaining in control of emotions

Teach essential skills for keeping emotions in check



Assistant Managers
General Managers


Interactive discovery
Simulator activity
Best practice advice




Full narration
Onscreen text option
Tin Can compatible
Mobile ready