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Q&A with Kristen Reardon, QA Engineer at CrunchTime

CrunchTimer Spotlight: 6 Questions with Kristen Reardon

Every month, the CrunchTimer Spotlight asks six questions to a valued member of our team. We're proud of the rich experience and diverse backgrounds our team has. Check out new interviews each month here on the CrunchTime Blog.

Kristen Reardon just passed her six-year mark at CrunchTime last month. Starting as a product specialist in 2013, she has literally worked all over the company, having been stationed at one time or another on all four floors of the CrunchTime Boston headquarters. She has contributed to more than 60 release cycles across two CrunchTime products. Today she is one of the company's Lead Quality Assurance Engineers and is a team manager. We spoke about her journey to and through the ranks at CrunchTime.


1: Tell us more about the responsibilities in your role:

Officially, I lead the quality assurance team for our labor product. I help keep the team on track to meet deadlines so we can get new releases out to clients as quickly as possible. However, my priorities can vary on a daily basis. Some days I'll spend my time testing our labor products and on others I'll focus on admin tasks like reviewing QA test plans and identifying automation test cases.

2: What's the coolest thing you’ve done in your role, so far?

I became a leader! Hard work is recognized here, which I really appreciate. I love that I’ve been able to ‘work my way up in the ranks’ of the QA team.

3: What's your favorite thing about working at CrunchTime?

The people! I manage a fantastic team and we work hard every day to ensure we're putting out the best possible product. Every day I get to learn just as much from my team as they learn from me and together we add our piece to the CrunchTime puzzle. It's a pleasure to work with so many dedicated and talented individuals both within my team and in other departments.

4: What led you to CrunchTime?

Like so many of the people here, I grew up with a passion for restaurants. I started working in the restaurant industry when I was 16 at a mom & pop pizza shop, before moving on to a café shortly thereafter. I’ve worked in every front-of-house position across quick service and fast-casual dining concepts. I worked as a restaurant manager at Olive Garden for a few years and then Red Robin, before finally moving from working in restaurants to serving restaurants at CrunchTime.

"I worked as a restaurant manager at Olive Garden for a few years and then Red Robin, before finally moving from working in restaurants to serving restaurants at CrunchTime."

5: What do you like doing outside of the office?

I’m a born and raised nature fanatic, so if I'm not in the office, I try to be outdoors. I love camping, kayaking, and hiking and I’m all about spending time with my family. My daughter is almost 10 months old now and I love going on adventures with her, my husband, and our Frenchie. I’m looking forward to planning a cross country road trip when she is a bit older so I can get back to Grand Teton and Banff National Parks.

6: What’s a fun fact about you?

I have a passion for art. If I hadn't gone to school for baking and didn't get into the restaurant industry, I could have seen myself as an interior decorator or landscape architect. I love helping people and in those roles I could have provided a great service while fueling my artistic spirit. I think my passion for quality products is why I love my role at CrunchTime!

* * *

- Thanks for your time, Kristen! - CT