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Increase Profits with Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Don't Let Food Costs Decrease Your Restaurant's Profit Margin

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Inventory management and food cost control are at the heart of profitability for restaurants. Even small differences in product usage or tracking can result in a noticeable decrease in profitability for a restaurant. Understanding your Actual vs. Theoretical Food Cost Variance (AvT) is a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to maximizing your restaurant operations.

Check out the Actual vs. Theoretical infographic below to learn how AvT affects your bottom line.

Restaurant inventory management software AvT

In a restaurant serving hundreds or even thousands of meals each week, minor differences in AvT can quickly add up, directly impacting the bottom line. Small variances in product usage often go unnoticed by restaurant staff, which is why restaurant inventory management software should be utilized. Restaurant inventory management software can help recognize issues or point out inventory usage patterns that are contributing to high Actual versus Theoretical variances so that data-driven decisions can be made to address inventory issues and get food costs under control. 

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