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How Landry’s Consolidated Training Across 60+ Concepts to Drive 95%+ Completion Rates

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Landry’s is a worldwide leader in innovative dining, family-friendly entertainment destinations, iconic casinos, and award-winning hospitality destinations. With concepts ranging from Golden Nugget casinos to the NBA’s Houston Rockets, Landry’s represents 60+ brands and operates 600+ dining establishments.

To ensure that each unique brand is set up to deliver exceptional customer experiences in every location, Landry’s training department consists of 17 divisions, with 28 divisional field trainers and four corporate-level trainers. 

Bill Story, Landry’s Vice President of Training, is responsible for overseeing all facets of training within the multi-brand hospitality organization. Bringing 25 years of operations leadership experience in the training and recruiting segment of the hospitality industry, Bill led the charge to implement Crunchtime’s learning management solution. From ROI modeling and implementation to full rollout and adoption of the solution, each step was carefully thought out to ensure training success for each concept. 


Landry’s was focused on increasing training completions, while also closely monitoring company-wide compliance status. To do so, Landry’s implemented snapshot reporting within Crunchtime, which provided them with an established completion baseline, and access to consolidated reporting for all 600+ locations.

In late 2023, Bill joined Crunchtime’s customer conference, Ops Summit, to help fellow Crunchtime customers understand the impact of consolidated training into one vertical report and how it helped Landry’s drive completion rates above 95%.

In his session, Bill shared details about the entire process, starting with how the report is created and the type of information provided. The auto-generated snapshot reports include data for managers and employees, along with a roll-up summary by region, division, and company. This allowed Landry’s to become more proactive when addressing potential training issues, rather than being on the back foot and reacting to issues after they arise. 


The new reporting method also improved transparency, visibility, and accountability from top to bottom. Snapshot reporting within Crunchtime also saved operators a significant amount of time by reducing the need for manual reporting, As a result, managers are much more confident that completions will occur without needing consistent micro-management. Introducing the snapshot reports also increased engagement for several key departments, including:

  • Beverage-Exec Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Security
  • Legal
  • Loss Prevention

Overall, these positive changes have allowed Landry’s to exceed their completion baseline goal with an impressive 98% training completion rate. To learn more about improving training completion rates, check out this blog featuring Texas Roadhouse.