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CrunchTime X restuarant management platform displayed on a laptop screen

Introducing CrunchTime X

We are excited to announce our newest release: CrunchTime X. This release includes significant UI updates and feature developments based on customer feedback.


The CrunchTime X release has many important updates that will save your team time during daily operations including:

  1. Modernized and Easy-to-Use UI
    The new UI will include a refreshed look-and-feel and improved navigation to enhance your experience when using Net-Chef or Enterprise Manager. With the Change Theme option, users can toggle between the classic UI and new UI at any time.

  2. Automation of Vendor Substitutions
    Previously, substitutions would create an error and you had to manually create a new substitution in the system. Now with automated substitutes, more e-invoice files will import successfully to save time when receiving orders.

  3. Increased Visibility into Sales Forecasting Data
    Sales forecasting data was previously visible by day or daypart, but users can now see data down to the 1-hour or 15-minute interval. Managers having access to more precise forecast data makes ordering, prep, and scheduling more accurate.

  4. Effective Dates & Location Groups Added to Staffing Templates
    We have two significant updates to staffing templates that cut down the time it takes to manage your labor and create work schedules – effective dates and location groups:
    • With the Begin and End Date field, staffing levels can be defined to be effective for specific time periods, such as holiday weekends or special events with higher demand.
    • Location groups make it quicker and easier to link a template to multiple locations.
  1. TalentLink Integration Now Available
    Training courses are auto-assigned based on role so when users log into CrunchTime or Teamworx, they only see content specific to their needs. With TalentLink part of your daily operations, you can track everything in one spot and add more learning and development capabilities as your needs evolve.

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FAQs about CrunchTime X

How do I switch between themes?

Simply navigate to the drop down next to your username and select 'Change Theme.'


Which theme do Enterprise Manager and Net-Chef default to?

They default to the classic theme.

When I change the theme, does it change for my account or my whole company?

The theme is user-specific, so it will only impact your account.

Is the CrunchTime X theme hard to learn?

The CrunchTime X theme has a modernized look-and-feel, so you will see a new color palette. The navigation is now icon-based and on the left side of the screen to improve ease-of-use. You may notice some items are in a different spot, but nothing has been removed. CrunchTime X gives our old theme a facelift and is overall easy to learn.