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Kura Sushi USA Selects CrunchTime Restaurant Operations Platform to Scale Up for Unit Growth

Fast-growing Japanese restaurant concept adopts CrunchTime inventory management technology

Boston, MA—January 22, 2020— CrunchTime! Information Systems Inc., the restaurant industry’s leading back-of-house operations platform provider, today announced that Kura Sushi USA, a fast-growing, technology-enabled Japanese restaurant concept with 24 units and more on the way, has licensed the CrunchTime Restaurant Food & Labor Operations Platform to be implemented across all its locations. Kura Sushi USA has signed on with CrunchTime in order to scale food and beverage operations quickly and efficiently to help achieve their growth goals.

“With our aggressive growth plans, Kura Sushi needs reliable control of its two biggest cost centers, food inventory and restaurant labor,” said Jung Lee, director of purchasing at Kura Sushi USA. “With its deep domain expertise in back-of-house restaurant management challenges, CrunchTime is the perfect partner for us as we continue to add new locations throughout the United States.”

Kura Sushi USA is a fast-growing, technology-enabled restaurant concept serving authentic Japanese cuisine through an engaging revolving sushi service model. The Kura experience creates an exciting atmosphere that promotes a sense of discovery and enables guests to control the variety, portioning, check size and pace of their dining experience. Guests can select from a small plates menu featuring over 140 freshly prepared items rooted in Kura Sushi’s philosophy of using old-world techniques and ingredients that are free from artificial seasonings, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives.

With CrunchTime deployed, Kura Sushi USA will be able to access core business data for trend analysis and to inform plans on how to drive sales, improve forecast accuracy, optimize food safety procedures and eliminate wasteful spending. Individual restaurant managers will be able to access CrunchTime’s online dashboards and reports, compare actual to theoretical food costs and identify the root cause of any food cost variances. With each restaurant responsible for their own food cost and inventory management, Kura Sushi USA will be able to reduce company-wide food costs and increase profitability.

“With its recent IPO and aggressive plans to open new restaurants across America, Kura Sushi USA recognizes that the CrunchTime platform can be a key tool in its quest to scale their innovative brand,” said Bill Bellissimo, founder and president, CrunchTime. “CrunchTime will help Kura Sushi USA control its costs, streamline food operational efficiencies, and meet their investor demands as it rolls out new restaurants.”


About Kura Sushi USA, Inc.

Kura Sushi USA, Inc. is a technology-enabled Japanese restaurant concept with 24 locations in five states. The Company offers guests a distinctive dining experience built on authentic Japanese cuisine and an engaging revolving sushi service model. Kura Sushi USA, Inc. was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Kura Sushi, Inc., a Japan-based revolving sushi chain with over 400 restaurants and 35 years of brand history. For more information, please visit www.kurasushi.com.

CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc.

CrunchTime! Information Systems, Inc., provides a comprehensive restaurant operations platform that simplifies and automates food and labor operations (FLO). By driving the flow of information throughout the organization, CrunchTime ensures operators make timely, fact-based decisions that help brands reduce food and beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of their foodservice operations. For 25 years, CrunchTime has enabled restaurant chains of all sizes to scale efficiently and save money. For more information, visit www.crunchtime.com.



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