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Restaurant cooks preparing food

Built-in Food Safety Best Practice and Compliance

12 Aspects of the CrunchTime platform that will build a rigid food safety best practice program.


CrunchTime remains committed to supporting its restaurant partners in every way possible to ensure that they have the tools to be ever vigilant in protecting their guests from food-borne illnesses. As our industry evolves, greater demands are being placed on every link in our supply chains and collectively, we must make more progress in equipping our teams to succeed.

Our food and labor operations platform is a powerful system that can help improve compliance with food safety standards at each of your restaurants. We are constantly innovating to ensure we provide our end users the best tools available to maintain food safety.


1. Products / Ingredient Set-up

  • Capture standard allergens.
  • Capture custom sweeteners, irritants, or other allergens.
  • Designate item as “Requiring Manufacturer Lot Number” (for tracking purposes) upon receipt.
  • Assign HACCP attribute.
  • Central repository for all product specifications
  • Can store a picture.
  • Can store shelf life.
  • Can store an unlimited number of food safety and handling attachments or documents to each product. Information is accessible across the enterprise.
  • Capture nutritional information.
  • Audit changes to ingredients.


2. Recipes

  • Capture allergens from the build of Ingredients
  • Captures sweeteners, irritants, and/or other allergens from the build of ingredients.
  • Can designate other recipe attributes (e.g.: heart healthy, low sodium, etc.)
  • Can designate a recipe as requiring a lot number (for tracking purposes) if centrally produced and distributed from a company run commissary.
  • Can designate allowable substitutes for ingredients in a recipe to ensure recipe compliance.
  • Can link specific pre-preparation attributes (thaw, marinate, etc.) along with required time
  • Can generate nutritional analysis based on build of ingredients.
  • Can store a picture, video, or other media with recipe.
  • Can assign HACCP attribute.
  • Can store an unlimited number of attachments and documents to each recipe. This information is available across the enterprise.
  • Can store both plating and preparation instructions.
  • System audits all changes to recipes.


3. "Bid Master"

  • Set allowable substitutes for all products from approved suppliers.

4. Product Ordering


5. Advanced Shipping Notice

  • Vendor can pre-notify the location if they are out of stock of an item, so proper arrangements can be made for substitutes items in conformity with corporate standards.


6. Electronic Invoicing

  • Invoices containing products that are not pre-authorized by corporate can be intercepted prior to arriving at restaurant. Corporate can decide whether to authorize or disallow a "new" or "substitute" product from a single console.
  • System can capture manufacturer lot numbers in the e-invoice.


7. Goods Receiving

  • System can capture unlimited amount of Feedback on quality of service for each delivery at the restaurant.
  • System can capture unlimited amount of feedback on quality of product for each deliver at the restaurant.
  • System can capture temperatures during the receiving process.
  • Native mobile app (Android and IOS) have blue tooth integration for capturing temperatures and capturing the above feedback.
  • Corporate quality standards for products are available during the receiving event.
  • Items designated as "Lot Tracked" will require a lot number to finalize receiving.
  • System will not allow the receipt of unauthorized products.
  • Users can take pictures of goods as they are received and store with the receiving document
  • Using CT Xchange, feedback on receiving can be shared directly with the vendor in real-time.


8. Commissary Order Module

  • Fully integrated commissary module will support centralized preparation of ingredients for shipment to the restaurant.
  • Fully supports lot tracking for both raw materials and finished goods that are shipped to the restaurants.
  • Fully integrated with daily prep and production modules.
  • Products/recipes can be ordered by the restaurant and distributed from centrally-run kitchens; all contained in single, fully integrated platform.
  • System generated invoices contain HACCP instructions by product for food handling and storage.


9. Production / Daily Prep

  • System will forecast prep based on forecasted consumption to facilitate central prep of critical items.
  • Fully supports the forecasting of sub recipes down to 15 levels
  • Production Module can auto-generate production lot numbers.


Enhance your food safety best practice

Mobile apps can take food safety to the next level.


10. TeamworX™ App

  • Check list capabilities enable users to set daily operating procedures for tasks such as cleaning protocols and temperature checks. These tasks can be assigned to individual employees, executed on any mobile device, and centrally monitored to ensure compliance.
  • Central alerting and reporting is provided in the system to ensure checklist items are done.


11. Line Check™

  • All corporate standards are available to the person performing the check on the mobile device.
  • Serving Lines and back up storage can be configured centrally to include visual standards, temperature standards, station standards, and taste standards.
  • Integrated Camera and Blue tooth thermometer. Both can be "required" as part of each line check.
  • These checks can be configured for each restaurant and scheduled throughout the day/week/month to ensure compliance throughout the day.
  • System audits who performs the checks and when.
  • System will automatically alert management if temperature standards (Frozen, Refrigerated, Ambient, and Hot) are not adhered to.
  • Also can be used to set storage container types and serving utensils.


12. KitchenSync™ Mobile

  • Fully integrated prep planning station and recipe viewer (including photos, videos, and HACCP requirements.)
  • Users can connect to a bluetooth printer for HACCP labels (with batch size, prep times and expiration dates) for bulk prep items created during the prep process.


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