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Maintain Labor Law Compliance with a Restaurant Management Platform

Restaurant Labor Rules - Pop Quiz!

Test your knowledge of labor law compliance with a pop quiz 

Restaurant GMs can have it rough when it comes to scheduling. Every week, managers need to follow exact labor laws and compliance rules, or it can cost the operation serious penalties. 

How confident are you with your understanding of labor law compliance?
Answer the questions below to test your knowledge.

Q: If I’m a restaurant employee, and a week before I’m due to work a shift my manager moves that exact shift to a different day, am I owed extra money by my company?

A: You might be. In some locales, predictive scheduling regulations say that any change to the schedule with insufficient notice will qualify for a schedule change premium (extra money).


Q: If someone works until close, and then the next day they open the store, do they get extra pay?

A: It depends on the regulations in the locale where they work, and the length of time they are off between closing and opening. It could very well be that your are due a “clopening” premium (a payout for too little time off between closing and opening).


Q: Can a minor work just as late on a Thursday as they do on a Saturday?

A: They can… but the employer might be subject to a fine. That’s because some locales have minor laws that treat school nights differently than weekend nights. 


Q: Are you comfortable creating schedules that comply with each of these labor rules:

  • Reporting pay
  • Minimum paid shift
  • Split shifts 
  • Spread of Hours 
  • Clopening
  • Overtime pay (daily, weekly. etc)
  • Paid and unpaid breaks
  • Tip credit adjustments 
  • Part time employee scheduling thresholds
  • Consecutive hours of rest per week
  • Max consecutive days worked
  • Minor laws
  • Predictive scheduling 
The Best Answer

Whether or not you feel like you can remember all of these laws, don't try to chance it. Your best option is using a compliant labor and scheduling platform. As local labor regulations change (and they’re changing fast!) it can be tough for restaurant GMs to keep everything straight. It's incredibly important that your restaurant's back office platform has robust labor rules to keep track all of these complex regulations. This will help dramatically reduce risk for your entire organization and empower your mangers to create compliant schedules with confidence. 


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